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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Disney Dream Christmas Cruise with Grandma Genie

On Friday, December 7th, we went on a 3 night Disney Cruise with Grandma Genie. It was our 11th Disney Cruise, but we hadn't been on a cruise since our Disney Cruise last December so it was fun to get away and have some family time.

After getting everything setup with our rooms and getting aboard, we scheduled some of our activities and then did the evacuation drill. Before dinner, we took Paige to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for her magical makeover. It was actually a close run thing because our luggage hadn't shown up yet and thankfully it arrived just as her appointment was supposed to start.

Our first dinner was in the Animator's Palate and we enjoyed our steak dinners and lots of Cherry Cokes.

After dinner we went to see Santa and we had to be honest, so we put Iggy's name on the Naughty list.

Friday evening, we went to see the Golden Mickeys show and then went to bed. In the morning we went to the Princess Gathering and Paige dressed as Rapunzel.

In the past, we enjoyed building gingerbread houses, but Disney has changed it so now they do gingerbread cookie decorating. We all did some fancy artwork and then gobbled up the poor cookie people.

In the afternoon the kids went with Grandma to do some minigolf and mystery solving and Andrea and I went to Palo to have a fancy brunch. Since we were platinum (over 10 cruises) it was complimentary, and it was neat to see Palo and Remy and give them a try.

In the evening on Saturday we went to dinner and then went to the new show "Beauty and the Beast".

On Sunday, we disembarked at Castaway Cay and it was a super windy and cool day. We were a little worried that it would be too cold to do much on the beach, but the water was still fairly warm and we played out in the water and both kids made it across the monkey bars on the obstacle course.

After we got back on board, everyone rode on the Aquaduck. The line was fairly short, but it was still a pretty long wait. I managed to get a video of them as they passed by.

Unfortunately, Sunday night, Paige started feeling bad. Paige's stomach was hurting and we ended up going back to the room after dinner. She ended up throwing up and we had to miss the show. We watched some movies and chillaxed and went to bed fairly early.

On Monday we got up super early and got home in time for school and work. Paige's stomach continued to bother her and she missed school on Monday and Tuesday. We had a nice time on the cruise, but it seemed pretty short. We definitely like a longer cruise, however it was neat to squeeze in a weekend on a Disney Cruise and it was extra special since Grandma Genie came along and experienced everything with us.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Chloe home care

Chloe has been struggling this past week and we've spent a lot of time on her treatment and trying to get her better. We had a couple of vet appointments at Brentwood Animal Clinic, and Dr. Hightman did a comprehensive exam and went over her labs. He decided to first treat her pancreatic issues and ordered Chloe on a prescription dog food and gave us IV fluids to give at home. We had been feeding her anything she would eat prior to this and for a few days she ate next to nothing. It was hard, but we stuck to the plan. By Friday Chloe had lost a lot of weight and seemed very weak, although her stool had improved and normalized.

On Friday we had another vet appointment and I was really struggling with the decision to continue. It's been very difficult to stick her and do the fluids, although we've been getting better at it. It's also hard seeing her struggle. We decided to try some medicine to treat some of the liver issues and got some more IV fluids. I was apprehensive about it all, but decided to give it another week. On Saturday, Chloe seemed to turn a corner. Suddenly she had an appetite and has been up and about like her old self. She eats all of her prescription dog food in normal amounts and has been up out of bed following everyone around the house.

We're hoping Chloe will continue to improve, we are getting a little encouraged with her progress, but we know she's an old dog and this has all undoubtedly taken a toll on her.

Marsh Landing Tennis Mixer - Paige's first match play

On Friday, our neighborhood had a tennis mixer for the kids. Connor and Paige both went and got to play matches with other kids and eat pizza. Connor had some challenging matches and had a fun time. It was an exciting event for Paige though because it was the first time she played out actual matches and had to keep score. The girls did a round robin with doubles and Paige won all of her matches except the last one. We tried not to make a big deal about it since it was her first time and we were happy to see her have fun with it.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018 in Wild Dunes with Alex, Laura, Grandma and Grandpa Vernon

This year we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Grandma Alice, Grandpa Vernon, Alex and Laura in South Carolina at Wild Dunes. We had reserved a house and decided we'd ask if Alex and Laura would be interested and we have been looking forwards to it ever since they accepted. Unfortunately Chris didn't come, but Grandpa and Grandma rented a house nearby and we got to spend a few days together over the holiday.

The trip down was a little tricky this time. As usual, we had the SUV stuffed full of junk, we're terrible packers. We also brought all of our bikes for the first time. I put a trailer hitch on the vehicle and got a decent mount that would hold all four bikes. It was a struggle to fit them all on there, but I got them all in place after a lot of sweat and frustration. 

We arrived at the resort on Sunday, and we did our normal tennis playing and bike riding until Alex and Laura arrived late Tuesday night. On Wednesday after tennis we went to Page's Okra Grill and hung out with them until Grandma and Grandpa arrived.

When Grandma and Grandpa arrived, the kids wasted no time with the

On Thanksgiving morning Andrea and Connor played tennis and I went with Paige, Alex and Laura to our favorite French Restaurant. After breakfast we found a spot on the main boulevard and watched the Thanksgiving Day parade. We got a nice place on the sidewalk and ended up collecting a big bucketful of candy.

For our Thanksgiving meal we went to Morgan's Creek Grill. We had 1pm reservations and ended up with a nice table near a window with a view of the water.

After eating we relaxed for a while and then went on a walk and bike ride. We spent the rest of our time going on walks and bike rides, playing games like Sleeping Queens, Uno, poker, and we also played "volleyball" in the screened in enclosure with beach balls.

On Friday night Alex and Laura made us Jambalaya and on Saturday they made us Ramen stir fry. 

We brought a couple of our Disney puzzles, but we also tried our hand at the massive 1000 piece puzzle that was in the rental. We enjoyed fiddling with it off and on throughout the visit and on Friday night we finally finished it. Unfortunately there were over 20 pieces missing which kind of made it difficult and frustrating at times.

Overall, the trip was nice with only one day with rain. Most of the time the weather was cool, but it was still nice enough that we got to spend quite a bit of time outdoors having fun. Grandpa and Grandma left a little earlier than planned on Saturday morning due to a lingering UTI for Grandpa, but we really enjoyed the time together that we had.

Happy Thanksgiving!