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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Brushing Teeth with Connor and Millie Mae

The kids have been helping out with Millie Mae, and we've gone to a system where Connor does the puppy work in the morning and Paige does it before bed. They're both responsible for checking on food, water, and puppy pads. Paige has the extra job of "Eye Makeup" which is a powder we put near the tear marks under Millie's eyes. Connor's extra job is tooth brushing. He often "forgets", so it doesn't happen every day, but when it does it's pretty entertaining. Millie cooperates pretty well for most things like showers, nails, and hair brushing. Tooth brushing is another story.

Workouts with Connor


Connor's still been working out pretty consistently, but he hasn't been very motivated to go to the morning workouts at school. It's a shame since they're free, but he does like to go with me. I took him over the weekend to the gym at our club and we had a good workout. Connor can really push himself hard and definitely enjoys getting in a good workout.

PVIC Member-Guest Golf Tournament with the Douglas Kids

On Sunday afternoon we picked up Cailyn and Quinn for the Member-Guest Golf tournament for the kids. The tournament was a scramble format so they played the best ball hit between each partnership. Paige and Cailyn played together while Andrea drove, I was with Connor and Quinn. We are such newbies at golf we didn't realize we needed balls and I had to send Connor to the pro shop to buy a box before we started. Thankfully we got a big box of balls because most of them ended up in the water by the end of the day. We played 9 holes on the Lagoon course and it was a cool and cloudy day, but there was a little wind that made things tricky. It was good practice and the kids had a good time together.

Paige, Bryson and Millie Mae


This weekend was pretty relaxed, not a lot going on and the weather was a bit rainy. Paige and Bryson played together a bit on Saturday and swam in the pool. Millie Mae went out briefly and got a little wet, but she wasn't interested in swimming. The kids had fun until dark, hit some golf balls on the golf course and then said farewell.

Connor's High School Update and Golf Cart Practice


Andrea took Connor out for a drive around the neighborhood in the golf cart this past weekend. When he turns 15 we'll be practicing in a real car, so Andrea wanted him to get some more golf cart practice before then.

Connor's high school experience has been pretty positive so far, although he did have some difficulties with one class. We'd heard that the Spanish teacher at his high school can be difficult and even heard stories of Spanish speaking students that had trouble with the class. Connor's in 5 honors classes and for the first few weeks of high school he's been spending the most time on his Spanish homework and studying. Spanish isn't even an honors course and he's probably spent more time with Spanish than all his other courses combined. Since it's an elective, we discussed with him and decided it'd be best to drop it and take it another time so he can focus on the important classes. It took a bit of finagling and discussions with his principal, but we got the schedule change done last week and Connor's been so relieved. He's taking Team Sports instead and it gives his brain a bit of a break in the middle of the day.

Paige's Middle School Picture Day and Middle School Update


Andrea fixed Paige's hair for picture day and she took a quick pic of Paige before she went to the bus stop. 

Paige's been doing so well in school so far this year. She's worked independently on her assignments and studying and has gotten great grades so far. Andrea checks up on things and helps to keep her organized, but overall Paige is doing most of it on her own and doing an awesome job.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

ML Tennis Tournament - Level 7

Saturday, September 11th 2021, we went to the neighborhood tennis courts so the kids could participate in a level 7 tennis tournament. 

Paige had close matches to start off her day and sadly lost her first two matches. The tournament format isn't our favorite since there's just one set to 6, so no opportunity to reset after a bad set. Paige was up 5-3 in her first match and it ended up going to a deuce & deciding point at 5-5. Paige lost the point and lost the match. Her second match she was up 5-0 and on the changeover her opponent was sobbing and dejected. I was certain she'd win the match, but the other girl rallied and came back and won. Paige was disappointed as you can imagine, but give her opponent a lot of credit for digging in and working her way back in to the match. Paige won her last match thankfully so she ended the day on a positive note.

Connor started off rough and lost his first match but ended up winning the next three. I think he also would have been better off if the format was different, but unfortunately that was the way they ran the tournament on Saturday.