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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Welcome home Millie Mae!


Today was an exciting day! Millie Mae finally got to come home. It feels like we've been waiting forever for the day and we could barely sleep last night. We got to the breeder a little after 10am and the process to sign paperwork and give final payment was pretty quick. Millie Mae did a good job on the way home and didn't have any accidents and didn't get carsick. Andrea and Paige split time holding her and although she was a little squirmy she was very good.

After we got home we let her sniff around in the driveway for a couple minutes and she peed on the pavers, so that was nice that she'd held it until she was done with the car ride. We took her inside and played for a little while, took a family photo, and then we put her in her kennel before we went to lunch. The kennel is still a bit of a work in process, but it's got a pee pad in it and just as we were getting in the car she went pee and poop on it. Paige was a brave girl and cleaned up after Millie Mae and then we went to lunch. We checked up on her while we were at lunch on a camera we setup and she did fine once she settled down. She got in a good nap and when we got home, she was ready to play!

We spent the rest of the day playing with Millie Mae, working with her on a system to use the puppy pad, and just getting to know each other. Millie Mae has a cute little round body and an affectionate personality. She got tuckered out a few times and really liked sitting with Andrea on the rocking recliner wrapped up in the soft blankets. We tried going on a walk, but I let her sprint a few times and she ended up barfing after a couple hundred yards, I ended up carrying her home. She did not enjoy her bath, did enjoy her food, and by the end of the day I think she used the puppy pad in her kennel to pee four times in a row. Not bad Millie Mae!

We took a number of videos throughout the day and I put them together without any editing, so it's a bit long and silly.

Looking forwards to lots of fun with our cute little puppy!

Remote school lunch


The kids are still enjoying doing their schooling online from home. Paige is cute about making healthy yummy meals on her own. The other day I walked through just as she was wrapping up her meal prep and asked to take a pic of it before she ate it. 

Scrambled eggs, waffle, gogurt (yogurt in a tube), an orange, celery, grapes and blueberries. Yum!

Connor usually tends to eat the same thing every day which he has nicknamed his "gourmet meal". It consists of a "Uncrustable" PBJ, doritos, fruit, and gogurt.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Tennis turning point with Connor


Yesterday I played tennis with Connor and for the first time he absolutely beat me. In the past, if we played singles, I'd play the entire width of the court including the doubles alleys. Recently Connor's gotten good enough that we play real singles tennis and while I have always beaten him, he came very close a few times and won a set here and there against me. Yesterday was a whole new experience though, although we had some close games, he beat me 6-1 the first set and was ahead 5-1 the second set when we quit. I couldn't believe how well Connor's covering the court and his decision making and shot selection is also hard to beat. 

I always tell Connor that one of the reasons I love to play tennis against him is that I win no matter what. If I beat him I'm happy because I won. If he beats me, I'm happy because I'm so proud of him. Great job Connor!

For reference, the picture I'm posting with this was from our trip to Palmetto Bluff the week before and Paige took it.

Palmetto Bluff visit with the Neals

On Thursday, January 14th 2021, we drove to Palmetto Bluff for a weekend with some friends. Shortly after we arrived, some rain swept through and the weather got cold. Despite the cold, we enjoyed a lot of time outdoors. We went on walks, bike rides, played at the park and treehouse, played tennis, pickleball, and basketball. 

We had lunch a couple times at Buffalo's, lunch at Octagon, and dinner at Cole's BBQ for dinner. We endured the cold for the lunches, but we decided to try and eat indoors for dinner at Cole's, it was the first time we'd eaten indoor since March of 2020. Hopefully we don't regret it!

We enjoyed a lot of ice cream at Melt and we went twice to the s'mores fires. Paige and Owen enjoyed the food and really enjoyed burning up the sticks.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Millie Mae update - 39 days old

Saturday we went to see Millie Mae and brought Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick along so they could meet her. Millie has changed so much in one week, it's crazy. She is definitely more active now and after she cautiously examined all of us she got in to a little bit of a playful mood. She wagged her tail and did little kicks with her front paws and little jumps while she played with our hands. It was fun to see her with a little personality, the other times we went to see her she was pretty much sleepy and tired the entire time so it was a dramatic change. She's also gotten a bit more fluff to her and her hair's got a little wave to it and it's super soft.

We had a great time hanging out with her and we also went to see the puppy room where Millie is now staying with one of her littermates. Just sixteen more days until we get to bring her home!

Girls dinner at TPC

Paige and Andrea went to TPC on Friday night for dinner with Gina, Zoey, and Sonny. It was a bit cool out lately, but they still stuck to the plan of avoiding indoor spaces. Thankfully it wasn't too windy on the patio and there were heaters, but it's definitely a bit cold outside lately for dining. Andrea and Paige were twinning in their cozy warm fur vests and thankfully weren't too uncomfortable.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Gobles Visit for Christmas/New Year


Amanda, Ryan, Graydon and Griffin all came to visit us after Christmas and stayed over the New Year's holiday. They were hoping to arrive on Saturday night, December 26th 2020, however they ran in to traffic and ended up stopping at a hotel a couple hours away because they'd been driving so long and needed rest. They arrived late in the morning on Sunday and we were happy that they arrived in time to watch the Chiefs game with us.

After the football game, we went for a walk, went on some of the rope swings in the neighborhood, and then opened some Christmas presents while the kids wore their matching Christmas PJ's.

I worked during the week, but thankfully work was pretty quiet and I got a lot done without too many meetings. For his Christmas gift, we got Graydon three days of golf camp so Graydon, Connor, and Paige went to Golf camp at PVIC from 2-4 each day. We played outside as much as possible and we're happy that the weather was great for their visit. It was actually a bit warm on a few of the days.

We ate out a few times at restaurants that had outdoor seating. 

I didn't play tennis while the Gobles were in town, but I did go for a run and took Griffin with me. Andrea and I kept him in our room on Thursday night and since Griffin's an early riser it was a good time to go for a jog. I took a pic of him in the stroller at the halfway point and he was definitely enjoying himself.

We heated up the hot tub one night and I went out and got an aluminum firepit since our old steel one had rusted in to dust. We made s'mores and the kids enjoyed swimming in the hot tub and jumping in the frigid pool water.

On New Year's Eve we went to the club for lunch, played at the playground, and did a little swimming. I tried to be a good sport and get in the pool for a bit, however it was just too cold for me. The water was heated, but not enough in my opinion. Griffin liked the zero entry area at the family pool and Graydon enjoyed the big slide and swimming in the deep end with his goggles.

We grilled hotdogs on the grill and the girls made "puppy chow" twice (Chex mix with peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar). Paige reluctantly tried it and then absolutely loved it and wanted to make a second batch after they finished the first. We watched a movie "Soul" on New Year's Evening and none of us stayed up until midnight.

On Friday, New Year's Day, we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch together and then did a little shopping and looked at the turtles and fish.

Mostly, we just played around in the neighborhood. It was nice weather for walks, bike rides, power-wheels driving, golf cart rides, and football. Poor Graydon had bruises all over his body from playing "Offense/Defense Line" with Connor where they'd push each other and try to get past each other to sack the "Quarterback" which was usually a stuffed animal. Griffin loved riding around in the power-wheel and Paige was cute about taking him all over in it. 

Graydon was a little overheated and lethargic, so Ryan took him to a pediatric urgent care on Friday so he could get tested for a few things including COVID. Thankfully, all the tests came back negative and by Saturday morning he was feeling good again.

Saturday morning, the Gobles got packed up and set off early in the morning for their long car ride home. We appreciate them coming all the way to Florida for a visit and we enjoyed their company and the opportunity to spend some time with cousins. 

We took a lot of pics, and quite a few videos. I didn't go through all the videos and edit them well, but I did throw them all together and it will probably be fun to go through and watch it all some day.

Happy New Year!