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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Paige's Last Day of Middle School and Last Early Morning


Today was Paige's last day of Middle School, and it was the last early morning for her and for us! We don't know how she did it, but Paige got up early on her own almost every day and did so with a smile. She would usually be out of bed before 6am and took the time to get herself ready, make her bed, grab a quick breakfast (sometimes) and then go to the bus stop. We got up with her in the beginning, but it was exhausting and I tended to just check on her to make sure she was awake and then I'd text her to come say good morning before she headed out. On the rare occasion that Paige wasn't awake on her own, it'd give her time to rush and get ready, but that only happened a few times over the three years.

We are so proud of your Paige, you've always been our sunshine in the early mornings.

Millie Mae and Connor Playing Rough

Millie likes to wrestle, and there's nobody that she's fiercer with than Connor. Ever since Connor was assigned to tooth brushing duty, Millie is a little rougher with him than anyone else. Even though Connor doesn't do her teeth any more, she is still wild with him.

Connor doesn't mind, and likes to wrestle with her, they're pretty cute together as long as you realize that Millie's all bark and no actual bite.

Millie Mae's Chair

Millie's favorite spot lately is in the middle of the house in the living room. She will sometimes sit on the couch and stare out the back window, but she mostly prefers the cushion on the back of one of our new chairs. It actually looks pretty uncomfortable, but she likes to drape herself over the wood frame and have a view out the front door.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Mother's Day 2024 - Mojo's BBQ and Swimming - Gobles and Grandparents

For Mother's Day 2024, we met the Gobles, Grandma Alice, and Grandpa Rick at Mojo's for lunch and then invited everyone over to swim. The water was still a bit cool for swimming, but Millie and the kids never mind the temperature much, and we heated up the hot tub so they could warm up if they got too cold.

Tennis Banquet - Connor's Junior Year

On Tuesday, May 7th 2024, Andrea and I went with Connor the Tennis Banquet at the Country Club in our neighborhood. Connor was recognized for his contributions to the Varsity team this year, and his coach related the infamous story of how Connor played most of one match in his Crocs. The school and parents put together a nice celebration for the kids and it's a fitting way to end the tennis season.


Griffin Special Olympics

Andrea went to see Griffin participate in the Special Olympics at his school, along with Graydon and Amanda.

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Hope Lodge Donations

Connor has been volunteering with Andrea at the Hope Lodge and Paige has recently been going as well. The Hope Lodge can always use donated supplies, so Connor organized a supply drive with his National Honor Society at his school, and many kids brought in donations. Connor collected them all in his car after school on Friday, and today he went with Paige to deliver them to the Hope Lodge. 

Paige snapped a pic of Connor with all the loot before they unloaded it.