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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sick Chloe

Chloe has been a mess lately. She had her UTI in early October and recently we noticed she looked very skinny and she threw up a few days in a row. I took her to the vet and her blood work showed she had abnormal liver values. We tried feeding her all kinds of things to help with her digestive problems. She was excited to eat ground beef in rice, canned dog food, grilled chicken, etc. Unfortunately it didn't seem to help much and her appetite hasn't been great. Chloe continued to have bad diarrhea and vomited a few times. At fifteen years old, we've been worried that this might be the end of the road for Chloe.

I scheduled a euthanasia appointment for Chloe on 11/18, and I was broken hearted about it all week. I struggled constantly with the decision, and although Chloe's digestion didn't improve, she put on a little weight and seemed to be in good spirits. On the fateful day, we started leaning towards giving her more time, and when the vet arrived we were interested to see what she thought. Dr. Katie examined Chloe and after a discussion we decided to try some medicine and a new diet.

We love our Chloe Bear so much and I really hope that she pulls through and we have more time together.

Shawn's 39th birthday

On my birthday, we celebrated with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick. We went to Valley Smoke BBQ for lunch and then everyone came back to the house to hang out a while and I opened some presents. Thanks to my wonderful family for the gift card, yummy macaroons and clothes.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Paige's first sleepover with Abby + Jr Tennis Extravaganza

On Saturday, the Racquet Club was hosting a Junior Tennis Extravaganza and Paige was excited to go. We decided to carpool with our neighbor Abby, and dropped the girls off at 3:30.

After tennis there was a Lamborghini event and we took the girls for a ride and then went to Barbara Jean's.

The girls had fun at dinner and were having such a good time we decided to ask Abby's mom if Abby could stay the night. The girls were super excited when we got permission for the sleepover.

The girls stayed up fairly late playing games and goofing off together. Abby had trouble falling asleep and at one point we were worried she'd have to go home. Thankfully she talked to her mom and ended up falling asleep. In the morning I was asking the girls what they would like for breakfast and they said they wanted a buffet. I fixed a fruit plate, pancakes, yogurt, and scrambled eggs. Connor was excited to join them as well.

Lamborghini Urus test drive

On Saturday afternoon we attended the Lamborghini Urus test drive at the club. The Urus was just released and it was neat to see it in person and have the opportunity to drive such a cool car. The model we tested had a few upgrades and was listed for $250,000. It was fun to put it in sports mode and floor it, however I actually think we liked the Tesla Model X better and the Tesla was less than half the price. Seems like a bargain after driving around the Lambo!

Paige and Abby liked the built in Android entertainment system in the back and took some cute selfies.

Connor's Jr Tennis team

Connor's team played against Queen's Harbor this past Friday. Our teammate Robert fell off a golf cart on Halloween and hit his head, so he hasn't been back to school or back to tennis, but we were happy that he came to watch and support his buddies. Everyone signed a card for him and got him some balloons and a gift.

Connor played the best I've ever seen against one of the tallest kids he's ever had to play. I am pretty sure the boy was probably as tall or taller than me. Both of them hit really well and had some awesome rallies. I tried to get a few videos, but there wasn't a good vantage point to do so, and I was worried Connor would fuss at me and get flustered if he saw me recording.

Connor ended up winning the first set 4-3 and the second set 4-1. Very close games though, and he was fortunate that most of the key no-ad points went his way.

Connor played doubles with Quinn afterwards and they won together.

Grandpa Rick in the Hospital

Grandpa Rick wasn't feeling too well this last week and ended up going to the ER twice and eventually admitted so they could figure out exactly which antibiotic would work best. I went up with the kids on Thursday night to visit him. He is doing much better and we're happy that he's on the mend.

Old Lady Chloe

Chloe is getting to be quite an old lady. She turned 15 this Fall and recently she had a UTI in October. We treated it with some medication and she seemed to get better, but this past week she threw up a few times and I realized she was getting very skinny. I took her to the vet and she'd gone from 11.4 pounds in October to 10.4 pounds. Her blood work showed some liver function issues, so we've changed her diet to whatever we can find that she will eat, and that will also be easy to digest. The vet also prescribed her some anti-nausea medicine which seemed to make Chloe very dizzy and Chloe may have even had a seizure. Not sure if that was a result of the medicine, but it happened fairly soon after we gave it to her, so we stopped the medicine.

Chloe's gotten some soft dog food as well as beef+rice and this morning she even got some scrambled eggs with the kids. She is enjoying her new diet and is starting to look a little better. We've all been worried about her and I hope she feels much better soon and puts on some weight.