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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Paige and the Flu

This past week, Paige came down with Influenza A. We had been planning to take her to gymnastics after school on Wednesday, but she said she didn't feel good. We took her temperature and she had over 100 degrees. That night her temperature went as high as 103, so we got a doctor's appointment first thing on Thursday morning and took her in. We were hoping it wasn't anything serious, but with the high fever we were pretty concerned it was the flu. The nurse practitioner swabbed Paige's nose, and Paige was surprisingly cooperative about it although that swab went way up in there and was definitely uncomfortable. After a 30 minute wait, they confirmed it was the flu.

Paige was very sad and teared up with the bad news. We got her on Tamiflu and Paige had to stay home from school the rest of the week. She had some ups and downs, definitely not feeling well and even woke up one night and threw up. Thankfully it seems to have mostly passed this weekend and her fever has been normal since Saturday. It's been a little stressful, but hopefully we've kept it contained and nobody else gets sick!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Paige's Biography project - Princess Diana

Paige had a big project for school recently and she got it done well over a week early. The kids were required to pick a person and read a biography book about them, and then fill out a worksheet and then recreate the person using a 2 liter bottle.

Paige picked Princess Diana, which posed a few challenges for us with our project. We had a 2 liter bottle, used a tennis ball for the head, and one of the crowns Paige got from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but had to figure out a way to do the skin, hair, and dress. We had a Cabbage Patch dress that fit, but it just wasn't quite fancy enough for Princess Diana.

We first went to Target and got some stockings to use as skin, and when we stretched about 6 or 7 over the ball and 2 liter, it did a pretty good job of covering everything and made a nice shape. We went to the craft store next and got yarn for the hair, googly eyes, a doll dress, and stuffing. The dress came with gloves, which we stuffed and clipped to the dress. Paige had a furry cape from one of her toys, which covered the fact that the dress didn't fit perfectly, and covered the lack of actual arms. Paige cut all the hair, drew and cut the lips, and helped put it together. Overall, we think it turned out pretty nicely and Paige was happy with it, which is the important part.

Paige was excited to bring it to school, and we're proud of her for being such a motivated student!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Amelia Island Omni - Cliff Drysdale Tennis Bootcamp weekend

Andrea and I went to the tennis bootcamp at the Omni and the Cliff Drysdale Tennis center this past weekend. There were some familiar faces like Sal and Luis, but also some new pros like Nikki, Eric and Han. We were on a court with a couple of ladies from up north, and they were good players and competition for us. We were pushed to work on a lot of different shots and while we didn't enjoy all the games, it was a good opportunity to improve and practice.

Unfortunately it rained on Sunday morning, so we didn't get our Sunday clinics in, but we will go back in a couple weeks to make up that time. We're lucky that we live close enough that we have the option.

Kids weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

The kids spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa this past weekend while Andrea and I were at our tennis bootcamp. They learned to play majong, played the piano, played with Grandma's guest dog Zee, and played croquet. It was a fun weekend together!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Fun in Florida with Alex and Laura

After Grandpa's surprise party, we enjoyed the rest of our weekend with Alex and Laura. They stayed through Monday (which was MLK day), and we went out to eat, went to the beach at the club, rode in their convertible rental car, and watched the Chiefs lose a heartbreaking close game to the Patriots.

Saturday was the nicest day of their visit, in the mid 70's, and we went to the beach in the afternoon. We played bocce ball in the sand, chased the birds, looked at some big jellyfish, and built some stuff in the sand. After the beach, we played a Scotland Yard board game and watched the Australian Open.

Paige's dream is to own a convertible, and she was super pumped to see Alex and Laura arrive in style in their rental car. On Sunday we had to run to the store, and although it was pretty cold on Sunday, we took the opportunity to put the top down and enjoy the ride. On the way home Laura drove and we even let Paige sit in the front seat since we were very close to the supermarket and driving on slow roads. She loved it!

On Sunday we played some more board games, watched some football and even played five person Roblox. Connor was on his Xbox, Paige on her PC, Alex on Andrea's iMac, Laura on her laptop, and me on my desktop. We played Murder Mystery 2, the Shark Attack game, and Surviving Natural Disasters. It was actually a lot more fun than I expected, although Connor did rage quit a few times.

Sadly, we finished off our Sunday together with the Chiefs playing the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Although it seemed like they were on the verge of winning a few times, Brady spoiled it for us and the Patriots prevailed. It was a disappointing end to our Sunday, but we had a great weekend with family and the Chiefs at least made it a close game.

On Monday, Alex and Laura ate lunch with us at Cantina Louie and then drove to the airport and got back to Chicago in the afternoon. We're glad they made it home safe, and it was awesome for them to come to Florida to make Dad's birthday extra special, and to hang out and spend so much time with us. We love you guys!

Grandpa Rick's 70th surprise birthday party

On Friday night, January 18th, we surprised Grandpa Rick at Cantina Laredo for his 70th birthday. Alex and Laura flew in from Chicago, and we all worked to plan a the surprise dinner. For the weeks before the party, Andrea and I worked hard to find a nice venue, get decorations, and a birthday cake. Grandma Alice was in charge of the guest list and she invited many of Grandpa and Grandma's Florida friends. At one point we were worried we'd have too many for the room!

I'd asked Dad to meet our family at Cantina Laredo for dinner, and thankfully he accepted the invite so we didn't have to get too creative to get him there. The guests all arrived by 4:30, and Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice showed up around 5pm. The room accommodated 30 people, and we had exactly that number on the big day. I pretended to be on a phone call in the lobby when they arrived, then I walked them to the room and opened the door for the surprise.

We all enjoyed our dinners, Mom and Dad mingled with the guests, and then we sang "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake.

Overall, it was a beautiful night, and it was fun that everything came together and Grandpa was surprised. We cleaned everything up after we finished and snapped a picture outside the restaurant before heading home.

Laura's birthday

Laura and Alex flew in to Florida on her birthday for Grandpa Rick's surprise birthday party. We wanted to show our appreciation to her, and to try and make her day special, so the kids made her birthday cards, we got her some balloons, and a big apple pie!