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Monday, February 19, 2018

Bike riding and time at the park

This past weekend we had some nice cool weather, so we took the opportunity to go on a nice long bike ride and to play at the park. The kids were troopers on the bike ride and we went 2.3 miles to the bigger park that is a bit farther away from our house. We played at the park for a while, and I chased the kids around a little until I bonked my head on a bar that I didn't see as I was climbing around. Apparently the equipment isn't made with a grown man in mind. Andrea helped Paige with some gymnastic moves and played catch with Connor too.

Connor's flag football touchdowns

Connor's team had their second win of the season this past Saturday. Connor had a really good game. He had a few good rushes on offense, including a rushing touchdown, as well as a pass reception for a touchdown. On defense, Connor had some key plays including a fourth down flag pull and a few diving pass blocks where he made a play on the ball and tipped it away at the last second.

Capuano Sweetheart Italian Dinner

On Friday night, we went to the Capuano house for an Italian dinner with our Julington Creek tennis friends. It was fun to see their new house and enjoy some delicious Italian food.

We had a babysitter lined up for the kids, but unfortunately she forgot, so they came along and hung out with us. It wasn't what they'd been hoping to do on Friday night, but they were good.

Valentine's Centers with Paige

Andrea went to Paige's classroom on Valentine's Day to help out with the Valentine's Centers. Andrea got lucky and did the fun bingo game with the kids.

Overall, we had a nice chill Valentine's Day after school and work. I got Andrea a yummy strawberry cake and she got me a bunch of macaroons. 

Lunch with Paige

Paige loves when we come by her school, and this past Monday Andrea had some time to meet her for lunch. She brought Paige some Chick-Fil-A food and Andrea also ate lunch with Paige's friend Emma, who wanted to join them.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Great Grandma Delores's visit to Florida

On Thursday, Great Grandma Delores came to Jacksonville to visit. I went to lunch with Grandma and my Dad on Friday, and then we all got together on Saturday after Connor's football game. We went to Al's pizza for dinner, got some custard at Whits, and then played some games together at the house.

Paige has been working on some songs, that the kids might be singing together at the school fair. She sang one to us, while we were relaxing in the Family Room.

Connor's honor roll and kid of character award

Connor has been doing awesome in school lately and got all A's again in the second quarter. This last week, he also got the "Kid of Character" award for "Respect". We are so proud of Connor, and he has been so cute trying hard and doing his best. On Wednesday, I went to wake him up and he surprised me by already being dressed and awake. He was faking being asleep under the covers, and I he cracked up when he surprised me. He said he's set his alarm for 6:20 and he'd already gotten up, gotten dressed, eaten breakfast, brushed his teeth, and was ready to go! I told him he needed his sleep, and I asked him why he set his alarm. He said "I've got to push myself!"

We were impressed with him, but told him in the future that he shouldn't be setting his alarm. It was pretty cool and definitely a funny surprise.