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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mother's Day 2021


Andrea came home from her girl's trip on Sunday and we wished her a happy Mother's Day. We got Andrea a new pair of tennis shoes, a visor, and a collared golf shirt. For brunch, we met Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick and we wished Grandma Alice a happy Mother's Day as well.

Andrea's Amelia Island Getaway with Girlfriends


Andrea left on Wednesday to enjoy her annual getaway with her JCP tennis friends. Last year they'd reserved a house and were scheduled to go just as the pandemic was starting to become a crazy phenomenon. They had to cancel in 2020, and they were excited that everyone had their vaccines and were able to make it this year. Some of the ladies have moved away and came from Texas and Georgia, so it was a fun reunion and I'm glad the weather was cool and beautiful for them. Andrea and the ladies played together for 3 clinics for a total of 9 hours! They ate pizza the first night, cooked some Mexican food, and went to Steak Out at Marche Burette. 

Weekend chilling without Andrea

Andrea left on Wednesday, so it was just me with the kids and puppy through Sunday morning. We mostly just did our normal school and work schedule. I went with my parents to lunch on Wednesday and then Connor wasn't that busy so he went to school with me on Thursday and Friday. On the weekend we decided to do some shopping for Andrea for Mother's Day on Saturday. Since Paige and I hadn't had much time together, we had a Daddy/Daughter day. We went to Nektar for a fruit bowl and then we went to Town Center to find some gifts for Andrea. We didn't find anything good, but thankfully we found a couple things for her at our beach club on the way home.

In the afternoon we went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house and it was a very exciting visit because it was Millie Mae's first time at their house. Making it extra crazy was the fact that Grandma was pet-sitting the three dogs that the kids have enjoyed spending time with over the years: Gizmo, Colt and Gemma. Millie was super overwhelmed when we arrived. All five of the other dogs were outside and were going crazy. I decided to put Millie down outside in the yard and she immediately ran away and tried to hide. The other dogs swarmed her and poor Millie just shut down and went to "turtle mode" with her head down and completely submissive. Eventually the other dogs got over their initial craziness and we were able to enjoy our time out in the yard with them. It was Millie's first time outdoors without a leash and she enjoyed running around with the kids.

Grandma Alice cooked some beef, rice, and asparagus for dinner and then we went on a short walk before heading home. It was a fun visit and Millie was exhausted from all the activity and needed a nap when we got home.

Millie Mae at Five Months

Millie Mae is 5 months old at this point. She is a smart cookie and has learned a lot of things, but still isn't completely trained on her puppy pad. Other than that, she's has a fun personality, is sweet and affectionate, loves to be around us, and is definitely a part of the family. Millie Mae's been growing pretty fast and has started losing her baby teeth, although she still has the long sharp canines on the top.

Connor's been cute with her lately and likes to hang out with her and checks on her multiple times throughout the day when he is home for school. Millie is pretty fond of him too and Connor is funny about making a sound like a crying puppy dog, which seems to trigger Millie's defensive instincts. Millie's usually pretty careful about putting her teeth on you, but if I'm roughing up Connor she goes in to defensive mode and will get pretty aggressive. I sacrificed my arms to get a quick video of it the other day, Millie scratched me up in a few spots while she was defending her brother bear.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Paige's 11th Birthday party - Top Golf with friends


On Paige's birthday, which was a Friday, we celebrated at Top Golf with some of her friends. Emily, Cailyn, Zoey, Payton, and Abby all came by the house after school and they played with Millie and ping pong until it was time to go. Andrea packed them all in our SUV and drove them up to Top Golf. 

The girls had fun for the first part of the party and for a while were able to use both of the bays until the boys arrived. I came with Connor and his friend Charlie after Connor's tennis match finished up. Everyone had fun eating, hitting golf balls, and goofing off. We snapped some pics, but it was a bit chaotic and I realized that Charlie is only in the background of two pictures. 

Andrea picked up a couple dozen cupcakes from Cinotti's bakery and we need to make a mental note that the chocolate always seems to be the favorite. No candles or singing this year due to COVID precautions, but we were thankful we got to celebrate this year with friends and everyone wanted to stay longer after our reservation expired.



Happy birthday Paigie May! Can't believe you're already 11!

Connor's final USTA match of the team tennis season


On Friday, although it was Paige's birthday and birthday party, Connor played in the final match of the season with his USTA team. The team was in first place, but it wasn't a big lead over the team in second place. As the team mom, Andrea was trying her best to put together a strong lineup. We decided that it would be the best for the team if Connor could at least play a singles match to help out the team and to rematch a young lady that he'd played recently that is a really good player. Before the match started, I snapped a pic of the team. 

Connor's rematch was a close one and unfortunately he did not win, although they were neck and neck to the end. The first set came down to a deciding point when they were tied at 3-3 at deuce. Had Connor won that one point early in the match, he would have won the entire thing. Instead, he won the second match and then lost the 10 point match tiebreaker. The tiebreaker was tied at 6-6 at one point, but his opponent managed to win 4 of the last 5 points and Connor lost 7-10. Connor played really well, but he was evenly matched and they had some amazing rallies. His opponent had a great defensive game and Connor's best shots were often returned. It was a fun match to watch, even though Connor wasn't the victor. I will also note that they both had fair line calls and I was so impressed with both of them.

Overall, Connor actually won more points for his team since he won more games in the match, and their team should end up in first place for the season. 

Paige's (possibly) last tennis match of middle school season


Andrea took Paige to what may have been her last middle school tennis match of the season on Thursday. Paige played line one doubles and had a pretty difficult match but managed another win. There's one more match this following week, but not sure if she will play in it since she's already played quite a few this season. 

Andrea's the team mom for Paige's middle school team and has kept everything running smoothly and put a lot of time and energy in to organizing players, their availability, parents, and the coach of the team. She's getting pretty good at it!