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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Surf lessons with Cierra

Connor and Paige had their second surf lesson with Cierra on Friday. They had better waves this time around and both were able to catch some pretty decent ones. The last time the waves were actually too strong and they were only able to go out one at a time. This time they both had boards and were able to try and catch waves together. There was a big blue foam longboard and a smaller wooden white one. They both tended to do better with the blue board, but it was a nice opportunity to practice with each.

Paige's "behind the mask" art project


Paige did an art project for school and it turned out super cute. It was called "Behind the mask".

Canceled Tennis tournament and cleaning in the rain


On Saturday September 12th, Connor and Paige were both scheduled to play in a tennis tournament in the neighborhood. We got them to the courts, put on sunscreen, took a pre-match picture and got Paige's court assignment. As Paige walked to her court with her opponent, it started to pour rain and we realized pretty soon that the tournament was going to be canceled for the day. It was rescheduled a few times, but as of today it doesn't look like we'll ever get it scheduled because of the weather.

We got home and during a lull in the rain we decided to do some work on the lanai. Just as we were finishing up, it started pouring rain again and I took a video of Andrea working with the kids. It actually felt better than when it's too hot.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Sea Island with kids - Labor Day


For Labor Day we went to Sea Island in Georgia with the kids. Andrea and I have been twice and it was the first time to bring Connor and Paige with us. The weather was pretty warm and the resort was more crowded than in our previous visits, but it was still not too bad. 

On Friday night, September 4th, we had dinner at Rainbow Island. The dinner was kind of like a buffet, but due to the COVID pandemic they had staff serving and handing out the food. We tried all kinds of yummy stuff Southern cooking. Andrea and I loved the Mexican street corn and the pulled pork and brisket was amazing.

On Saturday we had lunch by the pool and then we went to the beach for our Hobie sailing guided tour. We learned some sailing techniques and sailed North for about 30 minutes before turning around and sailing back. We saw a bunch of jellyfish and dolphins and we learned quite a bit about the area from our guide Ben.

Andrea and I played an hour of tennis each morning at 10am, and the rest of the weekend we spent mostly at the beach and pool. The waves were pretty intense and we saw a waterspout tornado near the beach. We ended up getting a little wet a few times, but overall the weather was pretty cooperative for our visit.

We went out to the Lodge twice during our visit. Once to see the bagpiper for dinner and once for lunch on the way out of town. We discussed our favorite foods at the Lodge and I wrote them down so we'd remember.

Andrea favorites: Pretzel and tomato caprese, Banana gooey cake. Least favorite: brocolini 

Paige favorites: Tomato caprese and Banana pudding. Least favorite: bacon cheese muffin

Connor favorites: sliced chicken “pork” and the Pretzel. Least favorite: pimento cheese biscuit 

Shawn favorites: Mint chocolate chip ice cream and Brocolini with meat loaf. Least favorite: tomato caprese

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

First day of school 2020 - Connor in 8th grade and Paige in 5th grade - remote learning

Monday, 8/31/2020, was the first day of school for Connor and Paige. Connor started 8th grade and Paige is starting 5th grade. We've committed to doing the first quarter remotely with the kids enrolled through their same schools. They both loved their first days and so far they're off to a great start. Connor liked that he didn't have to get up as early to catch the bus and he enjoyed seeing some of his friends that were in class through the teacher's webcam. Paige loved her teachers and her first art assignment she drew on her computer.


Summer Memories 2020

The summer break has come to an end this past week and it was definitely an odd one with the Coronavirus pandemic, but we adapted and made it as good as we could. We didn't do a lot of the vacations and fun things we'd planned to, but we did fit in some fun family activities and we went on some local trips and did our best to stay safe and healthy.

Like last year (, we asked the kids to write down the things they enjoyed and remembered from the summer break and Andrea took videos of them reading their lists and talking about the summer.

Paige's Summer Memories


  • I enjoyed riding some good waves at surf camp

  • Tennis camp was fun because I could hangout with friends

  • It was fun learning how to play golf at golf camp 

  • I liked making new friends at all of the camps

  • I loved bonding with Possum at camp G&G

  • It was the best to cuddle Rex

  • At camp G&G I enjoyed seeing Pepe


  • I Enjoyed swimming in the ocean with the family

  • At the house I liked playing board games

  • It was fun to “teach” Graydon how to boogie board

  • I liked swimming and playing in the pool

  • I LOVED making smores 

  • At watercolor I enjoyed going on bike rides

  • It was the best to play pickleball 


  • I enjoyed the milkshakes

  • Swimming was fun with Charlie, Owen, and Connor

  • It was fun winning a tennis tournament 

  • I LOVED the mac’n’cheese 

  • It was the best to “relax” in the lazy river

  • I liked looking at the stuffed animals in the hotel store

  • I liked doing the golf clinic


  • I enjoyed Shrimping

  • Kayaking was fun 

  • It was fun helping pull in the fishing net while shrimping 

  • I liked learning about the history of Amelia Island

  • I loved taking walks on the beach

Connor summer memories 2020


  • Catching my first wave while standing up

  • Being able to see pepe for the first time

  • Hitting my first 100 yard drive

  • Walking the dogs and doing on different piers

  • Getting stung by jellyfish for the first time

  • Being able to meet new friends while golfing

  • Improving at surfing, golf and tennis


  • Swimming with family and playing alligator in the pool

  • Kayaking with uncle Nate

  • Going on the bike trails

  • Watching old videos with the whole family

  • Wrestling and beating up Graydon

  • Going to the beach

  • Playing pickleball with family

Four Seasons

  • Playing monkey in the middle with the Neil boys

  • Drinking their yummy milkshakes

  • Winning a medal at my tournament 

  • Playing and trying new and fun pool games

  • Doing a golf lesson with the family

  • Trying new restaurants 

  • Playing hide n seek tag with the Neils

Amelia Island

  • Catching and touching shrimp

  • Seeing dolphins 

  • Trying to kayak by myself

  • Being able to see wildlife in the rivers

  • Seeing people's lives living in boats

  • Seeing a large machine going to pick up a boat

  • Seeing one of the biggest amazon boxes factories 


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Surf Camp - last camp of the summer - Saltwater Cowgirls


Paige and Connor had their last week of summer break this past week and both attended the Saltwater Cowgirls surf camp. This week was especially fun because they had a lot of their friends with them. Charlie and Owen from our old neighborhood were there and a bunch of their classmates including Quinn, Cailyn, Emily and Edith. They made some new friends as well.

The waves were good, but there were a bunch of jellyfish in the water this week. Connor got stung a few times but Paige managed to avoid them somehow. We were pretty impressed that Connor just shrugged it off and didn't seem to care. Connor said it didn't hurt too bad and only hurt for about five minutes.