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Friday, March 31, 2023

Paige's First Track Meet - 7th Grade Middle School Meet at Bolles


This past Wednesday, we got to watch Paige compete in her first track meet. She's a sporty girl and we've always known she was pretty fast, but she initially wasn't too interested in trying out for track. Coach Speed (yes that's his name) has made the practices welcoming and a few of Paige's friends have also been interested so thankfully Paige decided to give it a try and she loves it. On Wednesday, Paige ran 100m, the 4x100 relay, and the 200m events. 

Paige won her 100m and her 200m heats, however her relay team didn't have time to practice their handoffs and they had a new girl that jumped in to substitute for someone at the last minute. They weren't super competitive, but it was good experience for Paige. Paige was hoping to qualify for the State meet, but I don't think her times were quite fast enough yet. She placed 19th of 127 for the 100m event with a time of 14.21 seconds, and 14th of 105 for the 200m event with a time of 29.64 seconds. 

Overall, it was exciting to watch Paige compete and Grandma Alice and Grandpa Rick came out to cheer her on too. The weather was cool and clear, and it was a beautiful day for some running!

Connor's High School Tennis

Recently, Connor played against Charlie for high school tennis. Charlie played for Episcopal's varsity team, although he's technically still an 8th grader. Connor played against Charlie in the double's match and against one of Charlie's teammates for the singles match. There's been a lot of tennis for Connor lately and he's risen to the occasion and has been working hard to improve his game. It's neat to see him improving and he's had a great attitude about it and has made some good friends on the team. They have practice almost every day after school, except for Wednesdays and days when there's a match. It's been awesome that he's been driving himself to school now, he's an independent man now!

Andrea's his biggest fan and she goes to almost all of his matches. Aunt Amanda and Graydon have been coming to his matches too, and they've been great supporters of our kids' sports endeavors.

Paige's Last Bengals Flag Football Game - Girl Power League

Paige had the final game of the season for her Bengals team on Sunday. Her team didn't make the playoffs officially, but they were in the consolation bracket and her team made it to the championship game of the consolation playoffs. Paige played brilliantly and scored a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown as well. Unfortunately I didn't get the rushing TD on video and it was a good one. She ran the length of the field and was so fast that everyone on defense gave up by the time she crossed midfield. Nobody was even bothering to chase her when she crossed the line in to the endzone. I got a few plays on camera, including some nice spin moves.

Majong and Loquats with Grandma and Grandpa

Paige and I stopped by my parents' place last weekend to visit and hang out for a bit. We ate some of the loquats growing in Mom's yard and we looked at some of Grandpa's jewelry and treasures. It was a nice day out so we played Majong on the outside table for a bit until the sun was too hot on my black shirt and then we finished up inside. 

Griffin's 7th Birthday Party

Saturday, March 25th, 2023, we went over to the Goble's house to celebrate Griffin's seventh birthday. He was lucky it was on a weekend and we were happy that we got to celebrate with him on his special day. Griffin's Grandma Delisa came to be with him on his big day and some neighbors came over as well. 

We ate some delicious BBQ from Mojo's, opened some presents, and then sang "Happy Birthday" to Griffin, which he loved. Afterwards, everyone played "Pop the Pig" with him, which was one of his new gifts.

Sarah Bearah

Sarah came over last weekend to hang out with Paige and they went to the neighborhood park to get some tasty dinner from the food trucks. I stopped by on the golf cart with Millie and snapped a few pics of them before they could escape.

Ms Deb and Ms Cindy - Millie Mae's Lovely Caretakers

Ms Deb has been in our life for a few years now and we would be lost without her. Ever since we had Chloe, she's been wonderful about taking care of our puppy dogs when we're out of town. Even when Chloe was in her waning years and was a lot of work, Deb would still happily take her and took great care of her. 

Millie Mae's another type of handful and Deb has gotten to know Millie since she was a puppy. When convenient, Ms Deb will even pick her up and drop her off for us, as well as getting our mail and deliveries while we're away. While at Ms Deb's, Millie has an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and hopefully that will help her to be less shy. 

Ms Deb sent a few pics while we were on our California vacation, including a pic of them brushing Millie Mae's teeth, which we do every night at home, but didn't really expect Ms Deb to do. They love Millie, possibly as much as we do, and we're so fortunate that she has a safe and loving place to stay while we travel.