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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, July 25, 2009


We decided to try a new haircut for our boy today. We've been doing the side part for a long time, and it's very cute on Connor, but he's young and needs to try new things. We decided to go with a fun summer haircut and got a spiky cut.

We'll see if we get as many people commenting on his cute hair as we did with his side part. We like it, but it's definitely a big change.

Big boy in bed

Connor's been very good about going to bed lately. We've got our nightly routine where we brush his teeth, put him in his pajamas, read 3-4 books and then tuck him in.

Brushing teeth is getting better. For the last few months, it would typically consist of a parent straddling him on the floor, pinning both his arms to his side with our legs and then forcing the tooth brush into his mouth. His gums have been sensitive with teething, and he absolutely hated tooth brushing until recently. Now, we have some toothpaste that's fluoride free so if he swallows it, it's not a big deal. He actually does some of the brushing himself and then we finish up.

Another fun routine recently is getting him in bed. He used to throw a bit of a fit when you put him down, but Daddy figured out that if you tuck his lion in first Connor will want to also get into bed. We hold Lion and talk to him, give him hugs and kisses, then put him down in bed and put the covers over him. Inevitably, Connor is watching with wide eyes and if you ask him if he wants to go to bed with Lion, he'll say "Yes!".

One last note, notice that he's sleeping now without a Nuk (Pacifier)!

Summer reading program

Connor and Mommy have been doing the summer reading program through the library and have gotten three free books so far. For every twenty books Connor reads, he gets a free one. He loves his books, especially ones about trucks, diggers, animals, and potty.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

St. Louis visit

This weekend we made the long drive to St. Louis to see the Vernons. It was a fairly painful drive both ways, Connor didn't seem to interested in any of his DVD's and kept dropping his trucks and things and whining/crying for hours at a time. We survived and the visit was great otherwise.

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma came to St. Louis from Chicago and Uncle Alex, Uncle Chris and Aunt Abby had everyone over to their apartments for lunch (at Alex's) and dinner (at Chris and Abby's). Connor was pretty bossy, insisting everyone played cars with him and he got to go to a park near Chris and Abby's.

Grandma and Grandpa got him a "wiggle rider", which Connor referred to as a "motorcycle" and he (and Daddy) liked scooting around the house with it. On Sunday we took it up to a parking lot that's near Grandpa and Grandma's house and really got to play with it for a while. It was a neat toy and fun that adults could ride it with Connor.

Wiggle rider with Grandma:

Chris is good at playing cars:

Some of the crew over at Alex's:

Alex eating dinner at Chris and Abby's:

Eating dinner at Chris and Abby's:

Old school slide, a little scary!

Connor is getting really good at jumping. We jumped down this step together a bunch at the park:

Daddy with Connor on Sunday:

Park with Jax

Connor went to the park Wednesday last week with his buddy Jax. Mandy and Andrea took them to a nice one in Parkville and Connor had some fun sliding and swinging.

Fun stuff!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More pool fun

Connor went swimming with Mommy and Aunt Amanda this weekend while Daddy went shooting with Uncle Ryan. They went swimming briefly at the Odessa pool, but supposedly one of the lifeguards heard thunder and everyone got kicked out. Since it was still sunny and nice, they went swimming at the neighbor's pool for a while and Connor had lots of fun going down the slide with Aunt Amanda.

We didn't put this video up last week, but it was pretty cute of Connor playing with cars on Grandpa and Grandma Anders' deck:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy birthday America! (Fireworks are loud!)

Connor got dressed up to celebrate the 4th of July, but it turns out he doesn't care for fireworks yet. He got pretty scared and clingy.

Connor, "getting" us with the stuffed animals.... He's waving them and saying: "Tshhh Tsshhh!"

Connor told us early on that the fireworks were toooooo loud:

Ear Muffs help...

BBQ at the Anders

On the 3rd of July, we went over to the Anders house for a BBQ.

We heard that Connor had a lot of fun at the neighbor's pool, so we went down to see him swim. Last time he was there, there were a lot of younger boys there swimming and Connor was a lot braver. This time, he didn't go off the diving board and he was a little hesitant to even go down the slide. Mommy and Daddy really wanted to see Connor go down the slide, and thankfully he did a couple times. It's pretty impressive for a little boy, he goes down the slide, off the end on his own and goes completely under water when he hits. He holds his breath until he pops back up and does a very good job!

Uncle Nate and Andrew were fun to play with:

Grammy Genie hung out, but didn't want to swim:

After swimming we ate some food and hung out outside, it was pretty nice weather:

Here are the chumps that married the Anders girls: