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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Liberty Fall Festival

This weekend we went to the Liberty Fall Festival to see the parade and check out the booths. Connor loved the parade, he knew what to expect this time and was really excited for the candy everyone was throwing, but still covered his ears when the motorcycles came by.

We used our "Sit and Stand" stroller for the first time today and it worked pretty well. It was nice and narrow to get through the crowd and Connor was able to sit, stand, or get off the stroller on his own.

Mommy really liked looking for girly stuff for Paige. She found some headbands and hair clips that she couldn't resist buying for her little girl.

Paige didn't like putting them on, but was pretty happy after she forgot they were there.

Grandma Genie and Grandpa Garry met us at the festival just before the parade, we were so happy they could join us.

Connor sat with Daddy for most of the parade and we talked about all the people and things going by. Connor actually waved at some of the people! Good work shy boy!

Paige wasn't too interested in the parade, and Grandpa Garry held her while she napped.

Paige getting tickled

Paige is such a sociable little girl. She loves all kinds of attention and yesterday she really loved getting her soft baby skin tickled.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paige eating baby food for the first time

We decided to try and see if Paige was ready for rice cereal today. She has been doing well with formula, and always seems hungry so we thought maybe this would fill up her tummy. We gave her some rice cereal mixed with a little formula and she did pretty well with it. She worked it around in her mouth quite a bit and it would usually spill back out. If you held the spoon in her mouth she would sometimes suck on the spoon and actually swallow the food.

Daddy hasn't shaved recently in this pic!

The very first bite.

After a while it started to go in a little easier.


Paige and Connor playing together

Daddy was playing on Connor's train table and decided to see if Paige would hold herself up on the edge of the table and watch big brother play. Sure enough, she grabbed on tight and was enthralled watching Connor bring his toys to life. Daddy was wishing he could capture the moment and realized his phone was in his pocket. Not the most fantastic pictures, but fun to see them together.

In this picture, Connor's explaining to Paige that she can't play with the cars because she might put them in her mouth and the pieces might come off. He did let her play with some of his "guys" (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc).

Connor being VERY entertaining up on the table.

Here's a bonus picture of Connor being silly with Ga.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Avery Jane Miller

Our friends Jordan and Jenni had their baby Avery last week. When they got home and got somewhat settled we stopped by to meet the baby. They are all doing great so far and we are looking forwards to our kids playing together soon!

Andrea with Avery and Paige.

Connor admiring the baby crib.

Shawn and the kids.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paige's new jumpy seat

Paige has been playing in a bouncy seat at Ms. Rachel's house for a while now and Mommy decided to get her one to play in at home. It's got all kinds of interactive things within reach and Paige really likes it.

What fun!

Zoo with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ryan

Today we went to the zoo with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ryan. Connor had never been to the KC zoo and it had been a long time for Mommy and Daddy. The weather was pretty nice, but it was super sunny which made it seem a lot hotter than it was. Any visit to the KC zoo is guaranteed to involve a lot of walking so we brought our jogging stroller and set off on our hike.

Connor was interested in the animals at first, but some of them weren't easy to see and there was a lot of walking involved to see them. He got tired pretty quickly and even with a good deal of riding in the stroller he got exhausted by the end of the day.

Paige liked to ride! We made sure she had her bonnet on so she wouldn't get too much sun.

Connor and Ryan petting one of the loose sheep.

Connor and Daddy watching the sea lions.

Paige and Daddy on the train.

Connor liked the polar bear and sea lions, but probably the most fun he had was riding on the carousel with Aunt Amanda. We rode the train last, and although it would usually be the highlight of his day, he was so sleepy that he just threw a fit during the whole ride. After the train ride we left and he fell asleep in the car within minutes.

Connor loved the carousel.

Paige had fun riding in the stroller most of the day.

When we walked up to the polar bear area, nobody was standing near a glass window that looked only into the water. We parked Paige and the stroller there and in a few minutes the bear started swimming laps and doing flips off the glass. It quickly became the best spot to be. It was pretty neat to be so close to the huge animal.

Thanks for going to the zoo with us Ryan and Amanda!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Visiting Buddy

We went to visit Buddy in the nursing home. He's getting better and he really loves visitors so we all stopped by. All the residents including Buddy and Renie liked to see all the kids and Buddy definitely enjoyed the visit. Buddy and Renie cooperate worse than the kids, so the picture above was the best we could get.

Renie fed Paige her afternoon snack

After our visit we went to the Anders house to play some croquet and to celebrate Uncle Nate's and Aunt Amanda's birthdays.

Paige playing and talking

Yesterday, Paige had a great time playing with everyone at the Anders house. She loved hearing everyone talking and tried to join in a few times. She really had to work to get her sounds out, but she was absolutely determined.

Paige talking up a storm.

She also had a great time playing with her Uncle Nate. We don't think he even knew we were recording this, but it was super sweet and we had to post it.

Connor and his blue leg

It was a year ago now that Connor fell at the playground, broke his femur, and had to wear a Spica cast for six weeks. He's recovered completely from the break and you'd never know that he'd ever had a problem with his leg. We don't think he has a very clear recollection of what happened, but he does remember that he had a "blue leg" at one point. Whenever we're playing with his toys and someone gets hurt, they usually "go to the hospital and get a blue leg" as he puts it.

He was actually pretty frightened of the blue leg when Daddy got it out for the picture, I think he was worried we'd put it on him.

Hopefully never again Connor!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Paige is four months old!

Paige turned four months old this past week!

She has been growing up super fast and gets cuter every day. She is getting much more coordinated and it's neat to watch her try and interact with her surroundings. She will reach for and try to grab anything that's near her, then she'll try to stuff it in her mouth!

She loves Chloe and likes to grab her soft fur. If we let them loose on each other, Paige would pull Chloe's ears off and would stuff Chloe's nose in her mouth. Chloe would lick all the slobber off Paige's face and would stick her tongue up Paige's nose. We're definitely sure to supervise those two when they're around each other. We are also very careful not to leave anything around that Paige could choke on and we've made sure that Connor understands that Paige can't play with his cars.

She likes to play in her exersaucer and likes to practice standing up with a little help. She's still super wobbly even when she's sitting down, so she needs a hand to hold on to at all times.

Paige has been sleeping very well lately and goes the entire night without having to eat. This past week she has had a little bit of a stuffy nose and after she got four shots at her four month appointment she hasn't had the most peaceful nights, but prior to that she was going 10-12 hours at a time through the night.

Her stats from her appointment were:
Weight: 14 lbs 8 oz - 75th percentile
Height: 25 1/2" - 85th percentile
Head: 16 1/2" - 75th percentile

We love you Paigie Pie!