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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, January 27, 2023

Girl Power Flag Football - Bengals

Paige had her first game of the season with her new Flag Football team. The program is Girl Power and it's an all girl league, which is nice. In the past Paige has played on an all girl team, but they were up against teams that were mostly boys, which can be intimidating. The team meets on Friday evenings for practice and Davis Park and their games are Sunday evenings. Amanda and Graydon came out to cheer her on and her team sailed to a victory with a lot of scores. Paige was involved on a few good plays and got a touchdown and scored an extra point as well after another touchdown. 

After the games, the teams huddled up for a quick meeting and the program director gave a brief speech talking about how flag football is taking off and there are lots of opportunities. Paige's school actually had a girl's flag football team this past season and it sounds like there's a good possibility that it might become a high school sport in our county by the time Paige is in high school.


Chiefs Football and Weekend at Home


This past Saturday, January 21st, the Chiefs played against the Jaguars in the playoffs. It was pretty exciting that both teams had such great seasons, but we had to choose which team to support. I wore my Jaguars sweatshirt with my Chiefs shirt underneath. Grandpa Rick wore his Jaguars hat, but everyone else was supporting the Chiefs. We went over to the Gobles' house for BBQ dinner and enjoyed watching the game together. It was actually a pretty close game and the Jaguars played well, however the Chiefs pulled out a victory and this next Sunday they play the Bengals in the AFC Conference Championship game.

Paige's friend Sarah came with us to watch the game and afterwards spent the night at our house. She's been a great friend with Paige lately.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Quiet Weekend at Home

This past weekend was pretty uneventful, which was enjoyable. It was pretty cold, almost down to freezing temperatures overnight, but not so cold that we couldn't enjoy being outdoors. Paige's friend Sadie came over and stayed the night on Saturday and Sunday. Paige had her flag football orientation on Sunday and picked up her jersey. 

Connor got together with some friends, although he did get pretty upset that he hadn't completed all his schoolwork during the week and had to spend some time over the weekend getting caught up.

We worked on organizing some things around the house and watched the Jags win over the Chargers in the first round of the playoffs. They play the Chiefs this coming Saturday and we're not sure who to root for.

Other than that, just snuggling up and staying warm over the weekend.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Hanging with the Gobles on a Saturday - Graydon's Flag Football Game, Scooter, and Drone

Yesterday was Graydon's first game of his new flag football season and we all went over to watch him on his new team. They played against a really good team and although they held the lead near the end of the game, the other team barely pulled ahead in the last seconds. After the game we went to Cantina Louie for lunch and then back to their house for the Chiefs game against the Raiders. We had a couple hours before the game and we played outside on Graydon's new scooter, the kids threw the football around, and we all marveled at the new drone they got for Christmas. It's hard to see in the pic, but Paige took a pic of the drone hovering next to me.

Millie Mae Hanging out with Shawn


Millie Mae's been a good buddy and a sweet dog lately. She keeps me company when I'm working and she always likes to go and do whatever we do. I got a new seat for her in the Jeep where she sits between the driver's and passenger seat on the center console. It's a bit of a tight squeeze to get it in there, but it's nice because she doesn't end up walking all over you when you're driving and she has a nice view out the front of the windshield. Paige was riding with us the other day and snapped a cute pic of us.

Andrea also snapped a nice picture of Millie napping in my arms when we were at Graydon's football game. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Connor's Passes Driving Test

Connor's been driving for a while now and is doing well with it overall. There are times he has a lapse in attention, or won't notice a stop sign, but usually he is a cautious and safe driver. Andrea signed him up for some official driving lessons and we've also been driving with him whenever we are out running errands or going anywhere with him. I didn't even know it was possible to do it early before your 16th birthday, but Andrea signed him up with a local company for a driving lesson and then a test the next day. Connor passed it on his first try, only losing a couple points because he used his turn signal late for one turn and forgot to use the turn signal when parking in a parking lot. 

He won't have his license until he's 16, but all the hard stuff is out of the way at this point.

Great work Connor!

2022 Family Pictures - Washington Oaks Gardens State Park


For 2022 we did our family photos at the Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. Dogs are technically not allowed in the area where we were doing photos and there was actually a park ranger that was very strict and grumpy riding around on an ATV yelling at people that weren't staying on the paths, so we were a little nervous smuggling in our dog and taking the pics, but we were able to make it work. The pictures were actually taken in November, but it took quite a while to receive them so they're posted a bit out of order and Connor's hair looks longer now than it did in the photos. It's not our favorite set of family photos, but there were a few good ones and it was fun to have our puppy dog in the pics with us too.