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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, January 27, 2023

Chiefs Football and Weekend at Home


This past Saturday, January 21st, the Chiefs played against the Jaguars in the playoffs. It was pretty exciting that both teams had such great seasons, but we had to choose which team to support. I wore my Jaguars sweatshirt with my Chiefs shirt underneath. Grandpa Rick wore his Jaguars hat, but everyone else was supporting the Chiefs. We went over to the Gobles' house for BBQ dinner and enjoyed watching the game together. It was actually a pretty close game and the Jaguars played well, however the Chiefs pulled out a victory and this next Sunday they play the Bengals in the AFC Conference Championship game.

Paige's friend Sarah came with us to watch the game and afterwards spent the night at our house. She's been a great friend with Paige lately.

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