Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Friday, January 27, 2023

Girl Power Flag Football - Bengals

Paige had her first game of the season with her new Flag Football team. The program is Girl Power and it's an all girl league, which is nice. In the past Paige has played on an all girl team, but they were up against teams that were mostly boys, which can be intimidating. The team meets on Friday evenings for practice and Davis Park and their games are Sunday evenings. Amanda and Graydon came out to cheer her on and her team sailed to a victory with a lot of scores. Paige was involved on a few good plays and got a touchdown and scored an extra point as well after another touchdown. 

After the games, the teams huddled up for a quick meeting and the program director gave a brief speech talking about how flag football is taking off and there are lots of opportunities. Paige's school actually had a girl's flag football team this past season and it sounds like there's a good possibility that it might become a high school sport in our county by the time Paige is in high school.


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