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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, December 29, 2008

Herrick Christmas get together

Grandma Genie's family got together on the 27th for their Holiday get together. It's always been a big group and it's gotten bigger with all the new significant others and new kids. The total people this year was 28. Here's a picture of the cousins, with five missing:

Connor and Mommy:

Connor tried hard to share, but it was tough. In this picture he's in the middle of the sign for "more", which he also uses when he's trying to say "Gimme":

Daddy is Connor's Guitar Hero (Uncle Nate is Daddy's Guitar Hero):

Christmas Day!!

The Vernons on Christmas Day:

Connor had a very fun Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve and Day with the Anders. He enjoyed unwrapping the presents and playing with everyone. He got lots of great gifts, thank you everyone!

Some recent big news is that he's decided that it's time to start with some expressive communication. We decided that we'd teach him a little sign language since he wasn't too keen on speaking much and he really took to it. The first night we tried it with him, he picked up: More, Please, Milk, and Nuk (pacifier- we didn't know the sign language for that, so we made something up). Once he figured out that 2 way communication could be fun, he started saying the words and now he can say all kinds of things.

He's got a flash card set and he likes to go through it and repeat the words.

Going through flash cards with Daddy:

Connor's big stack of presents:

Working on his new car racing toy with Daddy:

Connor loves looking at pictures and pointing people out. In this picture he's looking at the calendar we put together for Grammy Genie and he's pointing at people in the room:

Monday, December 22, 2008

Caroling with the neighbors

We all went caroling tonight with the neighbors! It was tough for Mommy to convince Daddy that it was a good idea, but Connor was in a fussy mood and we needed to get out of the house. We went next door and had hot chocolate and snacks and Connor played with the neighbor kids.

Getting bundled up, it's COLD outside! (21 degrees)

Connor couldn't walk in his big boots, he fell right over when we put him down. It was icy and cold out, so Daddy carried him around from door to door. We went to a bunch of houses and rang the doorbell and started singing. It was hilarious to see the reactions of all the people. Most didn't know what to do, and probably thought we were trying to sell them something. I think everyone enjoyed it, our group had a great time, and hopefully we spread some Christmas cheer. Thank you Jamie for organizing it!!

Singing with Daddy:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas with Great Grandma Anders

Connor visited with Great Grandma Anders yesterday. She hosted a Christmas gathering at her place and Connor got to play with his cousins and other great grandkids. He got some great presents and had a lot of fun. Thanks everyone!

Connor and Mommy opening a present:

Christmas Dancing and Game Night

Connor watched his cousin Allison perform her Christmas dance on Saturday. The entire program was around an hour long and Allison's dance was towards the end. We were pretty worried Connor wouldn't cooperate, but he was absolutely enthralled with it. He sat in Daddy's lap with his hands folded and watched the entire thing without any problem or complaint. Amazing! It cost a dollar for his admission and it was the best dollar in entertainment we ever spent on him.

Allison did a great job with her dance, good work Alli!

(Allison is third from the left)

Connor enjoying the show:

On Friday night, some of Mommy and Daddy's friends came over for game night. Connor stayed up a little late to visit with everybody before bed time. He had fun dancing with everyone and really enjoyed playing with shoes with Scott.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas with the Vernons

Christmas came a little early this year for Connor! Since we had such a heck of a time traveling around with Connor over Thanksgiving we invited Shawn's family in town to celebrate Christmas and they all came last weekend. We had a great time with them and we're so thankful they were all able to come visit with us and beat the horrid weather that hit this week.

Connor got blocks and an awesome pop up book from his Grandparents, a neat helicopter from Uncle Alex and a remote control train from Uncle Chris! He had a blast playing with everyone and we captured some great action shots of him goofing off with everyone.

Thanks guys!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Connor hits 21 months!

Connor turned 21 months old this past week. In a few more months, we'll start referring to his age in years instead, but not quite yet.

Since he doesn't really know when Santa is supposed to come, we invited Santa over a little early and he dropped off a sweet chair for Connor. Poor Connor's too short to get up on the sofa himself and if he wants to sit down it's either on the floor or on the stairs. He seems to like his new baby sized chair, however when we were ordering the chair from Santa's website we didn't realize that the line on the cushion's a light shade of pink. On our computer it looked white. Thankfully Connor doesn't know the difference and we've flipped it around backwards which helps, but it's still a little noticeable. Hopefully that pink stripe won't entice a girl to sit in it, Connor does not want to get infected with Cooties.

Pretty sweet lounge chair:

Connor's also probably not fond of sitting on the couches because that's where he's forced to sit when he's in trouble. He's been getting in trouble quite a bit lately since he's been testing our limits routinely. Typically he gets to sit in timeout for hitting and throwing. In the picture below, he smacked a toy and when Daddy told him "No Hitting" Connor turned and slapped Mommy's leg.

Not very happy about time out:

Connor played a while with Allison, Drew, Nate, Abby, Grandpa and Grandma this weekend. They all stopped by to visit and Connor had a great time with them.

Connor playing with Allison while he should be eating:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving with the family

Thanksgiving 2008 was a lot of fun with Connor this year. He had a great time getting to know the family and traveling around to see everyone. We started off in St. Louis with Daddy's family and then back to KC to be with Mommy's family. We had lots to eat, but Connor decided he wasn't ready for turkey dinners yet, he ate apple sauce and fruit loops in St. Louis and a Gerber's Graduate meal (Macaroni and Cheese + peas and carrots) in Kansas City. Oh well, more for everyone else!

The St. Louis family:

The Kansas City family:

In St. Louis we had to keep the dogs downstairs away from Connor. He loves them, but a little too much maybe. We were a little worried he'd pounce on one.

Connor and Mommy:

Abby and Grandma cooked up the delicious feast, thanks guys!

Some of the boys hanging out:

Connor and Daddy:

Connor loves to play with shoes and if he can get them on he loves to stomp around in them:

Connor also loves to pick people out in pictures. He will point to someone in a picture and then will point to them if they're in the room. We put up a big photo frame with lots of snapshots and he loves to play with it:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas pictures - continued!

Well, Jeni came back on Saturday (11/22) to try to get some family pictures. Shawn's parents worked their tails off to get Connor's attention and we got some very nice pictures as a result.

You'll probably be seeing one of these soon on the Christmas cards we'll be sending out!