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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Paige's USTA Match at Queen's Harbor

Paige played singles and doubles at Queen's Harbor on Friday last week. She played well and won both matches. Grandpa Rick, Grandma Alice, Chris, Abby, and Max joined us to cheer on our girl.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Chris, Abby, and Max Visit

Chris, Abby, and Max came to visit Florida this October. Their visit overlapped quite a bit with Abby and Genie's visit, so most of our family didn't get to see them until the second weekend they were in town. I stopped by on Sunday, October 15th, to hang out with them at Grandpa and Grandma's house. The rest of our crew didn't get to see them until they came by our house on Thursday evening to watch the Chief's game with us. Friday evening they brought all their stuff and stayed at our house until they left on Sunday. 

It was an enjoyable visit for everyone and it was especially special to hang out with Max now that he's eight and his personality is starting to really show. My favorite part of their trip was on Saturday morning when I noticed he was up before everyone else. I took him with Millie on a golf cart ride around the neighborhood and we stopped by the park for some outdoor goofing.

Saturday was a beach day and our St. Louis visitors dipped their toes in the ocean and then we spent quite a while at the pool. Max loved the little slides and eventually he built up his confidence and braved the big yellow slide. Once he tried it, of course, he had the biggest smile on his face and went again and again. Andrea, Connor, and Paige stopped by and we'd planned to eat at the club, however the wait was over and hour so we went to Anejo instead.

In the evening we went to Whits for custard together and then chilled out at the house until bedtime. 

Sunday was a short day together as they had to leave for the airport at 11. Thankfully the flights home were easy and we're happy that their visit was trouble free and that we had beautiful cool weather through the time they were here. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Genie and Abby Visit

Grandma Genie and Aunt Abby came in town from KC this past Friday and stayed the weekend with us. We were lucky to have some decent weather while they were here and for the Down Syndrome walk. Andrea reserved us a couple courts at the Yards pickleball courts and we had some pretty competitive matches together on Sunday morning. 

Graydon stayed over at our place on Saturday and Sunday night and it was a perfect time for them to come down since the kids didn't have school on Monday for teacher planning meetings. 

Millie Mae was pretty crazy about Aunt Abby and was funny about snuggling up with her. Abby's a wonderful person so it's no surprise a dog would like her, but my guess is that she reminds Millie of her pet sitter Cindy. For whatever reason, Abby is one of her favorites.

Abby and Genie stopped by Connor's work to see him in action at his job.

On their last day, Tuesday the 17th, the kids had to go back to school and Abby and Genie's flight left in the afternoon. Thankfully they did have enough time for some pickleball in the morning. I stopped by before lunch to take some pictures and videos of them in action.

Homecoming Dance - 2023 - Connor's Junior Year

Connor went to his school's Homecoming dance on Saturday night. We were kind of hoping his friends would organize a get together to take some pics together, but he went with a group of guys that all met at the school, so group pics was not a thing. Thankfully he was willing to let me snap a few pics before he left. They did some dancing, but they didn't stick around for too long at school, before heading over to a friend's house with his buddies. 

Saturday, October 14, 2023

2023 Down Syndrome Walk - Griffin's Group - DSAJ 21st Annual Buddy Walk

Today was the DSAJ 21st Annual Buddy Walk in Jacksonville Beach. It was our second time going and this year we had a larger group with us since Grandma Genie, Grandma Delisa, and Aunt Abby were in town. The Gobles were joined by quite a few of their neighbors, so Griffin's Group grew!

We played at the games with Griffin before the walk started, and then snapped a group picture before heading to the beach for the walk. The weather was perfect for it today and we always love seeing all the people out supporting DSAJ in our community. We also loved seeing all the neighbors and friends that the Gobles brought out to support Griffin.