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Monday, May 31, 2010

Herrick Reunion

On Sunday we went to Odessa with Paige for the first time. This year was Grandma Genie's turn to host the Herrick reunion. Everyone brought a bunch of salads and goodies, Andrea says that it's her favorite meal of all time. We pigged out on brats, burgers, hotdogs, all kinds of salads, pies, brownies, etc. It was a big turnout, there were 31 people that showed up even with 10 people missing it was a full house. The weather was a little hot and humid, but in the shade with a breeze it was nice enough to be outside.

Connor is usually very shy, especially around lots of people, but he warmed up to everyone really quickly and was running around playing with everyone. Paige hadn't slept much the night before and zonked out as soon as we took her outside. She loves to be warm and outdoors.

Three cousins had new babies and all were born within six weeks of each other. Jessica was showing off her little man Langston who was eight weeks old. Jennifer brought Charlotte who is ten weeks old. Andrea had baby Paige, who was exactly one month old that day. Just over four weeks old.

With the three new babies, that brings the number of great grandkids to seven.

Left to Right: Connor, Allison, Paige, Langston, Payton, Andrew and Charlotte.

Visit with Buddy and Renie

Before we went to the Anders house for the Herrick reunion we stopped by Buddy and Renie's to introduce baby Paige. They loved meeting our little girl and had fun playing with Connor. Connor was shy around Buddy at first, but warmed up to him eventually.

Thanks Ga!

Grandma Genie came up to help with baby Paige and Connor. She has stayed a few nights to help get everyone caught up on sleep and has played for a long time with Mr. Connor. Connor dominates her time mercilessly and is very demanding. He is crazy about "Ga".

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do Connor and Paige look alike?

We get this question a lot and hadn't really taken the time to really think much about it or look at any old pictures. Going through Connor's pictures when he was the same age that Paige is right now (a little over 3 weeks), he has a pacifier in the vast majority. We found one picture of Connor that was pretty straight on with no pacifier and then realized we didn't have a really good one of Paige in the same pose, but had one that was close. I'd actually posted it before, but rotated it so we could compare the pics. For now this is the best comparison picture we can come up with.

They both have really similar noses and hair. Paige has much bluer eyes than Connor and different lips. I think they look much more similar than I would have guessed, but definite differences. Will be exciting to see what Paige looks like some day, I really don't think Connor looks much like he did when he was an infant.

The Millers come for hotdogs, stay for fun and games

Jenni and Jordan Miller came to visit today. We grilled some hotdogs and ate some summery food. We had a great visit with them and Connor had a blast playing with them on his swingset, his basketball goal, cars, fishing games, etc. He kept demanding that "Miss Jordan" play different games with him.

Miss Jordan holding baby Paige.

Connor was pretty heartbroken when Jordan and Jenni left. We often ask him about two things and which he likes better. Recently the thing that wins over most everything is cupcakes, but surprisingly after Jordan left he said that he likes Jordan better than even that.

Can't wait until the Millers have their little girl!

McAlister's Deli visits

We've gone to McAlister's Deli (our favorite restaurant!) three times since Paige was born and she's done amazingly well each time.

Poopy in the potty!

Connor's been slowly coming around to the idea of potty training and this last weekend we've made huge progress. We had tried a few months back going cold turkey on diapers, but after five accidents in less than two hours we decided that was a little premature.

He's been going pee pee in the potty for a little while intermittently and on Thursday (May 20, 2010), Rachel (Connor's babysitter) got brave and decided to try underwear again. Connor's been going pee pee in the potty pretty well since then. He's had a few accidents, but he's really done a good job of telling us when he needs to go and going in the potty. He had his first pee pee in the potty the weekend of Uncle Chris and Aunt Abby's wedding and Saturday he did his poopy in the potty for the first time! We told him that if he did poop in the potty he'd get a cupcake and he was very excited to eat it.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paige's professional pics (and family pictures)

Last Thursday we had Paige's newborn pictures done with Moments and Memories. As usual Jennifer got some amazing pictures. She really has a knack for setting up neat shots and getting the babies to cooperate. Connor does awesome for her as well. The day we went he wasn't feeling very good and we were worried he wouldn't cooperate, but he smiles so well for her. Shawn told her that Connor thinks she's the funniest person he's ever met.

Paige was pretty good throughout the shoot, however like her big brother she made quite a mess. She maybe got a little TOO relaxed and pooped on Daddy during one shot and three different times she peed on Mommy. Naked shots are super dangerous!

Here is the link to the online album:

The password is "vernon"

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Skinny baby

We had Paige's first and second doctor's appointments last week, the second was really just a weight check. She is healthy so far, but a little skinny. She still hadn't gotten back to her birth weight by the second weigh in, so we're supplementing a little with formula to get her weight up. Our next appointment is Tuesday (5-18-2010), hopefully she'll be up to the birth weight by then.

So far she has been doing REALLY well. She is awake a bit, but mostly sleeps. She likes to be bundled up and kept very warm. She typically has a onesie, a sleeper, a baby blanket and then a bigger blanket bundling her up. We don't keep it really cool in the house or anything, she just does best when she's really warm. The doctor said to try and keep her warmer too so she uses her energy to grow rather than stay warm.

Connor with his little sister.

Overall we've had an awesome couple weeks with Paige. She has been very easy to get along with for the most part. A couple nights she cried for a while at night. We've been trying to keep her awake for the few hours before we go to bed and that seems to help some.

She likes to eat, likes to sleep, likes her Nuk (pacifier) and likes to look at lights. She definitely does not like to get her diaper changed or her outfit changed. She is very laid back so far. We took her to McAlister's two times recently and she was so easy. We fed her before we left, put her in the car seat and she slept all the way there, the entire time we ate, and all the way home. We couldn't believe it! Connor would have cried the entire way there (with Mommy in the back seat trying to keep him happy), one of us would have had to stand and rock him and comfort him while the other parent ate, and then he would have fussed and cried the whole way home. We really hope that Paige stays so easy! We're used to difficult babies, but we'd rather not do all that again.

Unbundled baby.

Connor's been a great big brother and has really adjusted well to having a sibling. He is always thinking of her, bringing her little bear blankie to her when she cries, or asking about her if he doesn't see her. He is always interested and helpful when she has a dirty diaper. Until her umbilical cord came off he would always be very concerned with the "poopie" on her tummy. He's been a great help and a great big brother.

Connor helping at bath time.

Mommy and Daddy are doing really well too. We've been working hard to make sure that we're both well rested. We typically will switch off nights getting up with Paige so one of us can sleep uninterrupted. With Connor we'd both have to get up every feeding so Mommy could pump and Daddy could feed the previously pumped milk with a bottle. Mommy has been doing awesome with breast feeding and we haven't had to do the pumping routine much yet.

Daddy has to go back to work tomorrow and we're all very disappointed that we won't get to all be together like we have been. We've all gotten closer being together so much and would be very happy to never work again. Some people would probably get bored or would be at each others' throats after being around each other so much, but we've really enjoyed it and have cherished these weeks together.

Let's hope everything continues so well! We love our little family!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Paige is one week old!

Paige has been out in the world for a whole week now!

She's been very good at home, especially at night. We've had a couple nights that were a little rough, but she typically sleeps between feedings at night and is very good. We've been very lucky so far, hopefully our luck holds for the next few months.

Daddy has really enjoyed his time at home this week with our family. He's enjoyed taking care of his new little girl and getting to know her.

Daddy also has really enjoyed spending time with Mr. Connor. Connor has been very possessive of Daddy's time, and we've been trying to give him extra love and attention so he doesn't feel left out of anything. He's been so much fun.

Aunt Amanda came up to visit this week.

We'll leave off with a picture of Paige helping with the laundry.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brother bear

Connor has been so good with baby Paige. Connor's been adjusting very well to the new baby, probably better than anyone since he's been getting consistent sleep. He has been very helpful and thoughtful of her. Whenever she starts to cry he always makes sure that she has her little bear blankie (he calls it "blankie"). He likes to watch us change her diaper and thinks that there's "poopie" on her tummy (her umbilical cord). He can't wrap his head around what that thing is hanging off her stomach.

Connor's a great big brother!

Some cute videos of Connor playing with Grandma and Grandpa Vernon:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Paige comes home

Baby Paige came home on Sunday. We had a great stay in the hospital, no big surprises, everything went perfectly. We had a few additional visitors in the hospital and after she got home we had some visitors to see the new baby too.

Paige packed up in her car seat.

The Rudolphs came with Nate.
Our neighbor Teri Brown and her daughter Natalie.

The Millers came by on Sunday and brought us McAlister's food! Yum!

Our neighbor Cheryl.

Our neighbor Andrea.

Overall things have been going great! We love our baby girl!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grandpa + Grandma Vernon and the old babies

Grandpa and Grandma Vernon have been staying at our house taking care of the old babies, Connor and Chloe. They came in town Thursday night and have stayed with Connor throughout the weekend. Connor has not been very interested in the baby yet, but has been very good this weekend for Grandpa and Grandma.

We sent home one of Paige's hats with Grandma and Grandpa for Chloe to smell and Chloe went nuts for it. She actually stuck her nose all the way in to it and ran around with it for a while. Hopefully it will help her be more prepared for the new baby when we bring her home.

Connor eating with the Grandparents at McDonalds. Nuggets!!

Connor playing with cars and ignoring baby Paige.

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Vernon!

Paige in the warmer

Last night before we went to bed they washed baby Paige and put her under a warmer for a little while. She loved the warmer, was very content to let it bake her newborn skin. Daddy took the opportunity to snap a few pictures while she was napping.

Big brother keeping an eye on sister.