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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial day fun

This Memorial day we got together with Andrea's mother's family. It rained quite a bit, but we just played out in the rain anyways. Connor didn't come outside when it was raining though, he was being a baby yesterday. I tell Andrea that we should toughen him up, but she coddles him. Connor's cousin Drew got out in the rain to play volleyball with all the grown ups. He got hit in the face at least three times with the ball, got knocked over a few times, and his dad even fell on him once. He cried, but his daddy just told him to 'rub some dirt on it and walk it off'. That's tough love.

So, in the end, Connor sat inside or under an awning while everyone played in the rain.

Just watching:

It would have been fun to play in the rain with cousin Drew:

While somewhat unrelated, this video is pretty cute of Connor and his buddy Jackson.

Connor hangs out with him sometimes and they talk baby stuff together.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Connor's first road trip.

This weekend was Connor's first road trip. We went to St. Louis to visit Grandpa and Grandma Vernon, and as a bonus Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Vernon drove in from Chicago just to see us. Andrea and I were dreading the car ride, and had even taken some earplugs along in case Connor screamed inconsolably. He hasn't done that for a while, but recently we had a bad experience driving home from McAllisters where he cried for the entire 30 minute drive. It wasn't fun for any of us. Thankfully the ear plugs weren't needed on the trip to St. Louis or the trip home! We timed our drive so we'd leave right after he ate, and he fell asleep quickly both times.

Enough jibba jabba, here's some pics!

Great Grandma with Connor:

Great Grandpa with Connor:

Four Vernon Generations:

The Vernon extended family:

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Connor's a tough guy at 10 weeks old

Since Connor's second week he's been able to flip from his stomach to his back. Rolling over is something most babies don't do for quite a while. It's a lot harder to go from back to stomach, and Connor can't do that, but he's still a pretty tough guy.

This morning he started getting good at lifting his head up when he's on his stomach. In our "What to expect the first year" book, it says that baby might be able to lift his head to 45 degrees by this point. Connor's been able to do that for a while, and he's now able to get it up to a full 90 degrees. He's still a little wobbly, but he's definitely tough enough for the task.

I think this angle of him makes his head look a little funny, but I thought it was a cute shot.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Smiley baby!!

Connor is getting cuter by the day! I looked at an very early picture of him and think he's filled out quite a bit. When he was born he was a scrawny and long little baby. Not skinny, but for his length there wasn't a lot of meat on him. He's been eating well and often, and it seems to suit him.

He's also getting a lot more fun, although he has trouble being content when he's awake unless you're actively doing something interactive with him. If he's awake, you usually have to hold the pacifier in his mouth, hold him, pat him, sing to him, stand up, sway with him, and rock him slightly. All at once. This is definitely not something I've mastered, but amazingly Andrea can do it. She stands and holds him sideways across her body, puts her chin on his pacifier, pats him with one hand, supports and rocks him with her other, all while singing to him. If you don't do it just right, he'll let you know. I have no illusions that he's been happy with my performance so far, but I'm working on it. Maybe it's because I have been singing "U and dat" by E-40 and T-Pain instead of nursery songs. I can't help it, it's catchy... (U and Dat video) Actually, I think he likes that song, I think I don't do the rest of the complicated baby dance very well.

A couple times a day he'll get into a talkative mood. It's amazing how these few moments of the day can make all the work worth it. He'll go for about 15 minutes or so, cooing and smiling at you. He definitely locks on with his eyes and watches you, and he definitely enjoys himself.

Also, wanted to thank Grandma Vernon for helping out with Connor last week. It was Andrea's first week back to work, and it was a big help having Grandma here to help!