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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial day fun

This Memorial day we got together with Andrea's mother's family. It rained quite a bit, but we just played out in the rain anyways. Connor didn't come outside when it was raining though, he was being a baby yesterday. I tell Andrea that we should toughen him up, but she coddles him. Connor's cousin Drew got out in the rain to play volleyball with all the grown ups. He got hit in the face at least three times with the ball, got knocked over a few times, and his dad even fell on him once. He cried, but his daddy just told him to 'rub some dirt on it and walk it off'. That's tough love.

So, in the end, Connor sat inside or under an awning while everyone played in the rain.

Just watching:

It would have been fun to play in the rain with cousin Drew:

While somewhat unrelated, this video is pretty cute of Connor and his buddy Jackson.

Connor hangs out with him sometimes and they talk baby stuff together.

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Alex Vernon said...

What, Andrea didn't want you falling on Connor? Sounds sheltered!

I think you need to get on that baby growth chart -- it's over a month out of date!