Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Millie Mae's Long Hair and Short Haircut

Millie Mae's hair is difficult to manage. The hair is so soft and fine it is prone to getting tangled, especially around her collar or in areas where her skin rubs. She is a pretty active dog and we give her at least one or two baths every week. During and after her showers, we try to blow her dry and brush out the mats, but it's difficult. This Saturday was her scheduled haircut and unfortunately some of the mats were so thick that she had to be shaved in those areas. To keep things somewhat consistent, the groomer cut her hair fairly short overall. It's such a difference, she almost looks like an entirely different dog!

Connor's Driver's Ed Class with Andrea


Connor's been taking his driver's education class online through Florida Virtual so he will be ready to get his driver's permit on his birthday. The material is a bit boring and tedious, especially on top of Connor's other schoolwork, and Andrea has been really cute about going over things with him. I walked in to the family room the other day and they were working on the practice test together and I snapped a pic of them together. Only a couple more weeks until his birthday!

Paige's First Middle School Tennis Match - With Abby

Paige had her first middle school tennis match on Thursday this past week. She played doubles with her friend Abby and they played against her old school LPA. The other girls were quite a bit taller, but Paige and Abby were good teammates and won 8-4. Paige didn't play her best and seemed a bit uncomfortable and inconsistent when she was near the net. Abby played well though and they still were victorious in the end. Unfortunately it was an awkward court for videos and I wasn't able to get anything worth posting.


Sunday, February 13, 2022

Flag Football and Lunch with Saylor


This Saturday Paige had a flag football game and it was a beautiful and cool morning for it. I dropped Paige off for the pre-game practice and then took a walk with Millie Mae while we waited for the game to start and hour later. Andrea met us at the field at game time and Paige had a competitive game against the all-boy team. Paige got to play a bit, but there were 12 girls and only 5 got to play at a time so she didn't have many opportunities. She had a good running play in the first half and in the second half caught a touchdown for her team's first score. Saylor also scored during the second half and before we knew it the time was up and the game was over. 

Millie Mae waited somewhat patiently during the game, although she got pretty messy digging in the dirt. She loved running around off leash after the game finished and the girls chased her around the field.

After the game we went to Valley Smoke for lunch and we brought Saylor along with us. She came back to the house with us after lunch and Paige enjoyed hanging out with her in the afternoon.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Disney Dream Cruise - Castaway Cay

On Friday, February 2nd, we drove to Port Canaveral to board the Disney Dream for a short cruise to Castaway Cay. It was the first cruise we've been on in years and the first cruise since the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the earliest drama with the pandemic was aboard cruise ships and we've been apprehensive about trying a cruise until things were under control. We've heard that some of the cruises recently were well below capacity and ours had around 1500 guests aboard out of a possible 4000, so definitely didn't feel crowded. Andrea spent quite a bit of time on all of the required paperwork to even get aboard. She uploaded a number of documents showing our vaccine status and when we arrived we had to have a negative COVID test. We all took home tests the morning before we left so we wouldn't get stuck driving all the way there only to be turned around. On the boat the staff all wore N95 masks the entire time and guests were required to wear masks in all the indoor spaces unless eating.

The cruise was a short one and only went to Disney's private island Castaway Cay on the first day (Saturday). The water was a little cool, but it wasn't so bad once you were in it for a while. We didn't swim on the boat at all, but we had fun watching movies in the room, doing the mystery, mini golf, and went to the Beauty and the Beast show which was well done.