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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Camp Pinnacle pickup

On Friday morning, our friend Anna picked up her kids and our kids from camp. Dock thanked the parents for trusting the camp with the kids and the kids did their Camp Pinnacle chant for the parents and sang some songs.

When the kids arrived in Jacksonville, we met Anna at Town Center to greet them and then drove them the rest of the way home. It was so awesome to see them and it was the longest we've been apart since they've been alive! We heard their stories on the way home, all about their cabinmates, counselors, activities, and all the fun they had. We were thrilled to have them home safe and sound and we were happy to hear that they both loved it and would want to do it again next year. Connor and Paige were both on the green team, which won the team challenges and the Pinnacle Cup. The first pic on the post has the green team, which was a nice group shot of 1/3 of the campers.

I went through the Cabin group photos and labeled their friends.

Connor's Graveyard Fields cabin had ten boys and two counselors, they were all the same age and had just finished 6th grade.

Paige's cabin was Hiawassee and they had ten girls in her cabin and she was the oldest. Some of the girls had just finished first and second grades. Paige's counselor Kait wasn't in the picture we labeled, but Zoe was blocked in their other group photo, so we went with the photo where you could see all the kids.

After all the photos were posted, I went through and purchased a lot of the photos I liked best. They were $1.69 each, which wasn't too bad. They used a great camera and had lots of neat action shots. Paige was in about four times more pictures than Connor was for some reason, so there may be more Paige pics posted. I think I'd posted some of the screen-grabs in an earlier post, but decided to post in all the pictures we purchased, and there were probably some new ones.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Camp Pinnacle Week 2 Update

This past weekend we got a letter from Connor, some information from the kids' counselors, and a cute weekend summary the kids put together.

Connor wrote his letter on day 2, but we didn't receive it for quite a while, so not sure if he forgot to mail it, or if the USPS is just that slow. We were thrilled to hear from him though.

The camp photographer never seems to have many pictures of Connor, but Paige has ended up in quite a few photos. She is almost always smiling, and is always surrounded by friends. We got two letters from her right away, but we haven't gotten anything recently besides the counselor summary and Paige's weekend summary.

My favorite part of Paige's letter is that she asks for chapstick for "next year", which I believe implies that she is having a good time and expects to return next year!

Drains are gone! - TNBC/IDC/BRCA2

Following surgery, Andrea had four drains at her surgery site and we've been emptying the drains and measuring the fluids a couple of times per day. Andrea had two drains (#1 and #2) on the left side and two drains (#3 and #4) on the right side. The drains needed to stay in place until each one had less than 30mL in two consecutive 24 hour periods. It was quite the process of running a little tool down the length of the line to the collection bulb and emptying the drain in to a measuring vial. The drains were definitely uncomfortable for Andrea as well and we were always worried they'd snag on something or get yanked by accident. They also prevented her from really sleeping comfortably.

We kept a lot in a book and I put it in a spreadsheet so we could more easily sum the values for different ranges. Tube #3 never really had much fluid in it and by Monday Tube #2 was also below the threshold and was ready to come out. We went to an appointment on Monday to have 2 of the drains removed and it was pretty uncomfortable for Andrea when they pulled the long snaking drain out. You could actually see it moving beneath her skin as the nurse practitioner pulled it out.

By Tuesday, the last two drains were not producing a lot of fluids and we went from emptying them twice per day down to once per day. By Wednesday, they could definitely have been removed, but we waited until today (Thursday 6/20/2019) to remove the last two. We snapped a pic of Andrea at the appointment holding the last two drains just before they were removed.

15th Wedding Anniversary

This past Tuesday was our 15th wedding anniversary. With all the craziness lately with Andrea's surgery we didn't have any plans for the day. We'd originally planned for me to take some time off this week and go to the Sea Island resort for a few nights while the kids were at camp, but we canceled those plans once Andrea's surgery was scheduled.

On Tuesday we went to the beach club and had a nice lunch while we looked out on the ocean. It was a low-key celebration, but we were both in great spirits since Andrea's been doing so well lately and things have been more positive lately.

Happy Anniversary! Looking forwards to the next 15 years together!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sleepaway camp update - Camp Pinnacle

As of today, the children have been at camp for one week. They are a little over halfway done and it has been much quieter around the house without them here. We miss them! Every day the camp website is updated with pictures and news and it's the highlight of my day. I'll go through the pictures to pick out our kids and it's always fun to see what they are up to.

We emailed Connor a couple of times since he was gone and sent him a card in the mail. He was disappointed he'd miss the NBA finals, so I watched the games and sent him the score info afterwards. Sadly, we haven't received any mail from Connor yet.

Paige has sent us two letters so far. She wrote the first one on her first day at camp and she also included a list of activities and her observations about camp. The second letter came in the mail yesterday and we are so happy to hear that she's having a lot of fun.