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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Camp Pinnacle Sleepaway Camp - NC

This morning we dropped the kids off at Camp Pinnacle for a 12 night sleepaway camp experience. We drove to Spartanburg SC on Saturday and stayed the night in a hotel and this morning we drove the last hour to camp and arrived at 9am. It rained almost the entire drive on Saturday, and the camp was super wet when we arrived. One of the staff members said it was the wettest check-in day they've ever had, but thankfully Andrea had packed rainboots and we were prepared.

When we arrived and parked, the staff took the kids' trunks and labeled them and got them ready to deliver to their cabins. We went to the gym to check in and do a mandatory temperature and lice check. We got the kids some camp chairs and then we went to the outdoor basketball court to meet the counselors.

Connor's counselors are Peter and Jackson. Paige's are Kait and Malia.

After meeting their counselors, Connor's counselor Peter took us over to Connor's cabin "Graveyard Fields". Connor got lucky that his cabin is one of the newer ones and has a bathroom and shower attached. He picked out a bunk, dropped off his things, and we checked out his new place.

Next, we went to Paige's cabin "Hiwasee". She picked a top bunk in the corner that had an awesome view of the lake, field, and cafeteria area. I told her it was probably the bunk I would have picked. Paige's cabin was in a great spot at the top of the hill near a bathroom and treehouse.

We went back to the main basketball court area, gave the kids a few more hugs and kisses, and then Andrea and I drove home. We will definitely miss the kids, and we hope they have an awesome time at camp, make lots of friends, and have some memorable adventures.

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Richard said...

Great adventure!