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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Andrea finishes her JCP season undefeated (17-0) and her team wins first place!

Andrea's last game of the season with her C2 JCP team was today and she won her final game. There were 18 matches, and she only missed one for Alex's wedding. She ended up with a perfect 17-0 record, which is especially impressive because she was playing high (harder) lines and opponents since the first game of the season.

Andrea's bonded with a lot of her teammates and has enjoyed her time learning tennis and playing in all the matches. It's been stressful for her at times, especially as she got down to the final few games and really wanted to stay undefeated. I was very happy for her that she won on line one 6-2 and 6-3 at the final match.

In the pic at the last game from left to right are Coach Jeff, Diana, Tina T, Kacie, Dana, Michelle, Andrea, Stephanie, Tracy, Melinda, Melissa, Laurie. Elisa wasn't pictured.

Congrats to the team and to Andrea! Great job!

Grandma Alice's birthday

On Tuesday we met with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice to celebrate Grandma's birthday. We ate at Cantina Laredo and then took a picture in the garden area outside. The nice lady that took our pic was very accommodating and even had us do a silly pose pic so I had to post that one too.

Happy birthday to Grandma!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Andrea's 35th birthday

We had all kinds of things planned for Andrea's birthday this year, but unfortunately most of it didn't quite pan out. Originally, we'd planned a week long trip to a resort in Mexico while Genie and Garry watched the kids, but we were a little apprehensive we wouldn't love it and were a little nervous to leave the country without the kids. Andrea changed our plans so we'd do a tennis weekend at the Omni instead, however Garry hasn't been feeling well, so we decided to just cancel the plans and spend the weekend with her parents. Unfortunately, Garry was not feeling good on the morning of the flight, so they didn't make the trip down after all. We ended up without many plans for the weekend.

Today, Sunday April 19th, we gave Mommy the homemade cards the kids put together, her flowers, and gift. This afternoon, we got a babysitter to watch the kids and we went to the Sawgrass Country Club for lunch and then drove around the Ponte Vedra area to look at the parade of homes. It was a nice relaxing day together.

For dinner, we went with the kids to Cheesecake Factory and ate a light dinner and then had Strawberry shortcake for dessert. Paige mentioned to the waitress that it was Mommy's birthday, and although we hadn't planned for it, the waitress came out with a bunch of people and they all sang to Andrea.

Paige was so excited for it and loved it more than anyone.

We love our Andrea! Happy birthday!

Empty spa

It seems like there's always something we're doing messing with our spa lately. I spent a lot of time skimming out pollen, running the vacuum, and working on it. It's finally to a point where we've been swimming in it a little, but this past week 2 of the actuators stopped working. One of the actuators didn't turn a valve after Andrea let the kids use the spa, and overnight, all of the water drained from the spa in to the pool. I got it turned over so it'd fill back up and the kids were amazed to watch it fill up so I took a pic of them while they watched. They sat there and watched the entire thing. They both had soccer games, and looked cute in their uniforms.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paige's soccer team and team pics

Paige had team pics with her Unicorn soccer team and a game on Saturday. 

Paige had fun at her game. She is doing a little better running after the ball, but she isn't very good about being in position to get goals. She does tend to kick the ball in the right direction, but usually doesn't follow it up or control it down the field like she used to.

Losco park and picnic

On Thursday night, Paige was telling me that she really wanted to go on a picnic. I knew Andrea was going out with some friends on Friday night, so I told Paige I would think about it, and asked if she would want to go to the park with the "relaxing swings". She was so excited, and even told Connor in the morning, so I knew there was no way I could let her down.

After work, I picked her up from school, we went to McDonald's to get the kids some Happy Meals, and I stopped by Pollo Tropical to get some dinner for me. We ate under the trees on our blanket, played on some of the huge branches that reached down to the ground, and of course played at the park and got to play on the "relaxing swings". Connor was really more interested in goofing around at home, so it wasn't exactly what he wanted to do, but he was a good sport and even took some pics for me.

Paige heard the ice cream truck driving by, so I got them both some ice cream. 

Wild boys playing outside without shirts

It's gotten hotter out lately and it's been staying light longer in the evenings, so Connor's been out with his buddies quite a bit. On Tuesday, Connor asked if he could go over to Logan's house by himself and we told him no. We knew there would be no adult supervision, and it would be a crazy scene. He was upset since all his friends were going over there, so I relented and went over and kept an eye on him. As we expected, there were no adults home and the kids were climbing all over an SUV "cleaning" it and mostly just playing with a hose. At one point some of the kids asked me to intervene with a hose dispute and I told them I was just there to keep an eye on Connor. I ended up watching from across the street so I wouldn't get soaked and so passersby wouldn't think I was involved with the spectacle. Connor had a lot of fun and was responsible and sensible. As we discussed, he didn't climb on the SUV or run out in to the street. He was happy we got to go over.

On Thursday after soccer practice, some of his friends were around and he played with them out front. They all got hot and took off their shirts and I snapped a pic of them together before we had to go inside. In the pic are Ben, Connor, Lomax, Nick and Logan. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday - Cantina Laredo and Easter Baskets

Today is Easter! We went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit for a little bit. Paige and Connor spent the night and were playing with coloring books when we arrived. We got everyone dressed and then drove to Town Center to eat at Cantina Laredo. We took a few pics before we sat down. 

Paige always loves picking flowers when we're there.

Paige also loves helping with the guacamole. It was extra delicious today, she did a wonderful job.


After lunch, we went home and the Easter Bunny had left some wonderful Easter baskets for the kids.

Paige got some Disney Palace Pets toys, shoes, clothes, coloring books, puzzle book and some candy. Connor got two books, shoes, football stuffed guys, candy, gum, and clothes. 

After we emptied out their baskets, the kids ran around the house and outside to find all the Easter eggs.

They counted them up, and both were very successful! Happy Easter!

St. Augustine and Easter with Grandma and Grandpa Vernon

Saturday morning, after Paige's soccer game, Andrea dropped the kids off at the Grandparents house so they could hang out for the day and stay the night. Grandma and Grandpa took them to a very nice park in St. Augustine and then to the fort and lunch.

That evening, at their house, the kids put on some old t-shirts and colored eggs for the first time. Grandpa and Grandma were very brave to get colored dyes out with the kids, and both kids liked decorating eggs and even ate some.

They had all kinds of fun with their grandparents, and in the morning the Easter Bunny even came to visit and they got to hunt for eggs and candy.

Hosing down Paige and bathtime

On Friday, we played out front for a bit before bedtime. Connor went next door to Ben's house to swim and Paige and I played in the front yard. I was watering some new sod and Paige was nearby. I remembered she needed a bath that evening anyways, so took the opportunity to spray her with the hose for a bit. She said she didn't like it, but the fact that she kept wandering in to range and shrieking with laughter when I sprayed her made me think maybe she did.

If Paige gets smiley faces on her school report card during the week, we'll sometimes let her take a bath instead of a shower. This last week she was good at school and was a sweetheart at home, so she definitely earned it.

Paige with her school Easter party basket

Friday, both kids were out of school this past week for Good Friday. On Thursday, Paige's school had an Easter party and Paige brought her Easter basket and some plastic eggs that Andrea put together for her. In the morning before school I snapped a few pics of Paige before she left.