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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial day bbq

Connor had fun yesterday at the Herrick BBQ and the Dawson's (our neighbors) BBQ. He's pretty easily entertained, and enjoyed running around outside all day. He also enjoyed all the good food!

Playing croquet with Daddy:

Andrea got to hold Payton, her cousin Jennifer's baby, yesterday. She was very cute and very laid back.

What do you think Connor? Do you want a little sister?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sibling show-down

Connor and Chloe have been playing together a bunch recently. Connor probably weighs a few pounds more than Chloe, but Chloe's got a low center of gravity and four legs to pull with. Connor still doesn't stand a chance, but he loves testing his strength against her. Chloe's been such a good big sister and has always been so gentle with her little brother.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was Andrea's second Mother's Day. Connor got up early this morning to get some flowers for her while he let her sleep in. What a sweet boy.

We just got done with a four mile run, and Connor looks like he was ready for more!

We didn't do a whole lot of exciting stuff this weekend, but we did go shopping for some summer clothes and Andrea remembered to bring along our little camera so we took a few pictures while we were out. Connor had a great time at the malls we went to. It's hard to believe how good he is now. Almost no complaining the whole time, and he really enjoyed looking at all the people and playing in the play area at Oak Park Mall.

He loved the slide!


Connor shopping for some summer sandals:

No high heels Connor! They're hard to walk in!

We had to skip both his naps, but he caught up on the way home. He fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Garage sale

There was a neighborhood-wide garage sale last weekend and we decided to try selling some of our old stuff. The weather was super windy and it was pretty cold too, but we still gave it a shot. Connor had fun helping out, and we thought he looked pretty cute all bundled up.

We didn't sell much, but we had fun digging everything out and chatting with the neighbors. I think it would have helped if we'd hauled it all out into the driveway. I think some people were uncomfortable actually walking into the garage, and it was hard to see what we had when you were driving by. Even though our neighbor was also having a garage sale, a lot of people drove slowly by and didn't get out of their cars. It might have been the cold, maybe was our setup, who knows! What didn't sell is going to charity, so at least we got rid of a lot of clutter.

Either way, Connor had fun helping out.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Grandma Alice and Grandpa Richard visit Connor in KC

Connor turned 14 months old today!

He's changed a lot in the last month. He's walking everywhere now, if he falls down he only stays down long enough to stand up. Connor is a fearless walker and almost never looks down. He just expects things to get out of his way. Unfortunately the world doesn't work as he'd like and he's been falling a lot lately. He's got a big bruise on his cheek and two on his forehead from bumping into things on his way down. It's pretty bad looking, we hope people don't think we're beating our sweet baby!

Last weekend Grandma Alice and Grandpa Richard came to visit from St. Louis. We have been very busy this week, so we're just now getting these pictures up.

Connor had a great time visiting with the grandparents. We didn't have any plans for the weekend, so we got to spend a lot of time playing together and just enjoying each other's company.

The grandparents even surprised Connor with an awesome mower! It blows bubbles, which is pretty cool, but Daddy may rig a blade up to it so Connor can help mow the lawn!

Grandpa's hilarious!

Posing with Grandma:

Mowing the yard is tough work!

Grandma showing everyone how it's done:

Connor's also been having fun carrying things around. Last weekend he really loved carrying around Grandma's sandals: