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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Today was Halloween! We went to lunch with the Millers and then had dinner and went Trick-or-treating in Odessa. Connor wasn't too pumped to wear his frog costume again since he already wore it for his school party. He told us he wanted to be a lion, but it was a little late to get a lion costume that would fit. We probably still have his lion costume from 2007, but I don't think it would have fit.

Connor was very good about trick or treating this year, he ran up to all the doors (tried to go in to the first house when the gentleman opened the door) but we're not sure if he actually said trick-or-treat. One guy said that Connor was a "man of few words" we asked him if Connor had said trick or treat and he said that Connor hadn't said a thing. Thankfully he had his two older cousins to show him the ropes. Hopefully next time he will help Paige out when she goes. It was a little too cold for her to be out and about this year.

Amanda carried Connor most of the night, hope her back isn't hurting tomorrow, he's getting heavy!

Halloween victory!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paige at six months

Today, Paige is six months old! It's hard to believe we've already had our little girl for half of a year! She's growing fast and is better than ever!

Some six month milestones:
  • She's super social. She smiles at everyone and loves when people hold her and talk to her.
  • She tries to talk and babbles quite a bit
  • She's eating baby food, cereal, formula and anything else within reach
  • Sleeping up to 12 hours per night (woo hoo!)
  • Her favorite people in the world are Connor, Chloe and her cousins (Allison and Drew)
  • She doesn't crawl, but rolls around very well and gets into anything that's within reach.
  • She can stand pretty well if you help her, she loves to stand next to her exersaucer and her play table
  • She is sitting up fairly steadily. She will eventually teeter and fall over, but likes to sit when she can. She just recently started sitting up in the bath and loves bath time even more than ever now.

Mommy and Daddy's first parent teacher conference

After Connor's Halloween party, Mommy and Daddy came back to school for their first parent teacher conference. Ms. Cindy had all good things to say about Connor. She thought he was doing great and although he doesn't play with the other kids, he plays alongside them and is friends with everyone. He is always a good listener and even though he is one of the younger kids in the class, he keeps up with everyone.

Ms. Cindy showed us a lot of assessments, pictures Connor had worked on and his cutting and writing work. She really seemed to like having our little man in her class. We knew he'd be a good boy in school and brought up the fact that her first impression of him must have been not so good. When we first went to meet Ms. Cindy and see the classroom, Connor had thrown a huge fit and was not on his best behavior. Ms. Cindy said that only on Connor's very first day did he ever have any trouble at school. Apparently he hadn't been ready to come in from recess and had cried. Other than that, Ms. Cindy had never had any issues with Connor and he's been adjusting very well to school.

It was great to hear everything from Ms. Cindy. We'd known Connor was doing pretty well at school since Ms. Cindy always marks that Connor had a "great day" on his paperwork he brings home. Unfortunately that's all we've really known. Connor NEVER tells us anything about school when he gets home. We ask him every day and he's never told us a thing, so it was neat to see everything he's been working on and to hear that he's been doing so well.

Connor's Halloween Party at School

This past Thursday was Connor's Halloween party at school.

Before they went Trick-or-treating they all sang a Halloween pumpkin song. Connor of course knew all the words but he didn't sing at all. He did the hand motions, but Mr. Shy Guy didn't sing along.

After their sing-a-long they went to all the class rooms and trick-or-treated with the teachers. It was good practice knocking on the doors and saying "Trick-or-treat" and "Thank you".

After Trick-or-treating was the party! All the kids got a cookie and icing and were supposed to put together a jack-o-lantern with the candy. All the kids loved the cookies and Connor was determined to eat all of his in one piece without getting his hands dirty. It was very tricky, but he mostly managed.

You can really tell he's working hard in the picture with the other kids.

After the cookie time they played a game where they threw a hoop into a pile of candy. Whatever was in the hoop they got to keep! Connor was very patient waiting for his turn and only got two pieces of candy, but he had a lot of fun with it.

Camp Carnival

This week Connor, Paige and Mommy went to Camp Carnival at the "Liberty Academy". There were lots of games to play with lots of candy prizes to win.

Connor really liked playing the fishing game. He caught two pieces of "Double Bubble" bubblegum, and said "Ew Yucky!" Mommy said: "Connor, that's not nice!" and Connor said: "It's medicine!"

He knows he isn't supposed to eat it and so the student working at the station let Connor fish again and Connor won some suckers.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paige covering her face

We really have to watch Paige lately because her favorite thing is to cover her face up with whatever she can find. If she's got anything like a stuffed animal, blanket, bib or toy you can bet it will go over her face and then she'll writhe around and get really excited. She also loves peek-a-boo right now too if you're putting something over her face while you play.

We caught a few on camera, but there are many dozens of times she's done it lately.

Grandpa and Grandma Vernon visit

This weekend Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice came to KC to visit. Mommy was on her annual shopping trip with her sisters and mom, so she wasn't around until we met at McAlisters for lunch Sunday. We didn't have a busy agenda, just played around the house with the kids most of the weekend.

Grandma liked feeding Paige her green beans.

The weather was a little rainy this weekend so we weren't sure what we'd be able to do outdoors, but we braved the uncertainty and went out to the "Red Barn Farm" on Saturday in Weston.

The weather turned out to be perfect, and we had a great time playing outside. There were a lot of animals to see and stuff to play with. The highlight of the farm was definitely a big pile of hay that was sitting on a hillside. Connor loved to climb, jump, roll and run all over and around it. Not much out there better than a big pile of hay!

We didn't stay too long and shortly after we left it started raining, so it turned out that we timed it pretty well. Overall we had a great time with the grandparents! Thanks for coming!