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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch!

This weekend we went to Carolyn's Country Cousin's Pumpkin Patch. The last time we'd gone was in 2008. Last year we couldn't go because Connor was in his Spica cast and it wouldn't have been much fun for him.

The pumpkin patch is designed for kids, and Connor definitely had the most fun out of anyone. Andrea had gotten a cute Halloween outfit for Paige to wear and she looked super cute for her day out. Paige sat in the stroller and was good all day She definitely liked experiencing the sights and sounds. It was a little hot and sunny as the day wore on and we wore out. Connor could have climbed on the playgrounds, gone down the slides, rode the rides, fed the animals and played all day. We all had some good old fashioned fall fun and picked out a nice round pumpkin to be slaughtered.

Connor loved riding the train with Mommy.

Connor and Paige posing with some pumpkins.

Connor was good almost the entire day, he only got in trouble once.

Some beautiful (and BEARDED?) fairies.

Connor feeding the goats.

Connor and Daddy at Corner Cafe at breakfast.

Connor at the "Happy Halloween Pardner" sign in 2008.
Connor at the "Happy Halloween Pardner" sign in 2010.
Paige in her cute pumpkin patch outfit.

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Unknown said...

Paige is so cute...I loved the pictures.congratulations...
;) vanessa**Brazil