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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Today we went to Odessa to celebrate Ryan's 26th birthday. We watched the Chiefs lose a close game, but everyone had fun being together and we ate lots of good food to celebrate Ryan's big day.

Ryan's recovering from his appendectomy he had on Friday (an early birthday present), and he seems to be doing great. We visited Ryan in the hospital Friday and Connor understood that Ryan wasn't feeling well, but our attempts to explain what was wrong with Ryan didn't seem to sink in. Ryan told Connor that he was riding his motorcycle and a "muscle truck" hit him, which made Connor understand that Ryan was definitely hurt and hopefully will convince him not to ride motorcycles!

Even the puppy dogs all got together today!

Paige got sleepy and was more than happy to take a catnap with Auntie Abby.

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