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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Today was Halloween! We went to lunch with the Millers and then had dinner and went Trick-or-treating in Odessa. Connor wasn't too pumped to wear his frog costume again since he already wore it for his school party. He told us he wanted to be a lion, but it was a little late to get a lion costume that would fit. We probably still have his lion costume from 2007, but I don't think it would have fit.

Connor was very good about trick or treating this year, he ran up to all the doors (tried to go in to the first house when the gentleman opened the door) but we're not sure if he actually said trick-or-treat. One guy said that Connor was a "man of few words" we asked him if Connor had said trick or treat and he said that Connor hadn't said a thing. Thankfully he had his two older cousins to show him the ropes. Hopefully next time he will help Paige out when she goes. It was a little too cold for her to be out and about this year.

Amanda carried Connor most of the night, hope her back isn't hurting tomorrow, he's getting heavy!

Halloween victory!!

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Susan said...

This post made me smile! Thank you so much for sharing your family halloween adventure. I loved the costumes all so creative!