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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paige at six months

Today, Paige is six months old! It's hard to believe we've already had our little girl for half of a year! She's growing fast and is better than ever!

Some six month milestones:
  • She's super social. She smiles at everyone and loves when people hold her and talk to her.
  • She tries to talk and babbles quite a bit
  • She's eating baby food, cereal, formula and anything else within reach
  • Sleeping up to 12 hours per night (woo hoo!)
  • Her favorite people in the world are Connor, Chloe and her cousins (Allison and Drew)
  • She doesn't crawl, but rolls around very well and gets into anything that's within reach.
  • She can stand pretty well if you help her, she loves to stand next to her exersaucer and her play table
  • She is sitting up fairly steadily. She will eventually teeter and fall over, but likes to sit when she can. She just recently started sitting up in the bath and loves bath time even more than ever now.

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