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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Vernon Uncles and Aunt(s?) visit!

This weekend Chris, Abby, Alex and Laura came to visit us in KC. It was the first time they got to meet Paige and it's been a long time since they'd seen Connor as well.

We went to Corner Cafe for breakfast on Saturday and then to the pumpkin patch (more on that later). Afterwards we carved up the pumpkin we bought, ate some pizza, got some frozen yogurt and then went to bed. On Sunday we woke up, hung out, then went to McAlister's for a late lunch.

Connor had a great time playing with everyone and Paige was happy to get some attention and watch all the action. We had a great visit and appreciate them making the visit to Kansas City to see our family.

A short video of the crew at Corner Cafe.

Laura and Alex on the hay ride at the pumpkin patch.

Abby and Chris on the hay ride.

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