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Sunday, March 18, 2018

PVIC Patio for lunch

Today, after our morning tennis, we ate at the PVIC beach patio for lunch. The patio lunch service just re-opened for the season this weekend and we've been looking forwards to eating there again. The kids love the chicken tacos on the kids' menu, and Andrea and I split the California Club. The staff remembered that I liked a lot of sweet tea, and they were happy to see us. They had a new ice cream cookie that Andrea tried (still not as good as the chocolate chip and ice cream cookie that they got rid of last year). Paige tried their new unicorn cookie, which is covered in icing and sprinkles. She liked it pretty well and Andrea tasted it and also thought it was pretty tasty.

It was fun to eat at the beach again and we're happy to spend some time at our beach club again. We were there quite a bit over the weekend, playing at the playground and walking on the beach.

St. Patrick's Day PJ party at PVIC

Connor and Paige went to the PVIC PJ Party on St. Patrick's Day on Saturday night. Paige wore her St. Patrick's Day swag as well as her Unicorn Onesie. Connor brought, and wore, his onesie as well, however he didn't have it on when we arrived so I didn't get a pic of him in it.

Field day - Paige's 2nd grade class

On Thursday, March 15 2018, Paige and her class had Field Day and Mommy went to watch and take some pics. The weather was a little cool, which was perfect since they were going to be so active. The kids did tug of war, jump the river, a relay race, ball toss at bowling pins, and a flag pulling game. Paige wasn't super pumped for field day, but she had a lot of fun, participated and had a great attitude, and was happy that Mommy came to watch.

Birthday NBA jersey

Amanda and Abby got Connor a new NBA jersey for his birthday and it arrived in the mail this past week. We took a pic of him so he could send a pic to everyone to say thank you.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Wolfie's paintball birthday party

On Sunday, Connor joined Wolfie, Namath, and Harrison for a birthday party to celebrate Wolfie's 11th birthday. Connor hadn't done paintball before, and we had a talk about being safe and responsible with the gear. It was funny to see in some of the pics when the kids were holding their paintball guns, Connor opted to keep his mask on and had good trigger discipline.

The boys played a few different games, 2v2 and eventually played with another group of boys that showed up. They got messy and worn out, and after paintball they swam at Wolfie's for a little while.

School Carnival

This Saturday, in the afternoon, we went to the school carnival. The kids have been looking forwards to it for a while, and Paige has been rehearsing some songs to sing with her classmates. When we arrived, we looked around for a little while and then went to the middle area so Paige could sing with everyone. There were some soloists during a few of the songs, but Paige didn't wan to try out for that. She did enjoy singing with everyone, and it was cute to hear all the kids out there.

Connor ran around with his buddies for most of the day. He did some obstacles with his buddies and we also bought them all a few turns on the ball toss and thankfully Connor's buddy hit the target and dunked that turtle.

Paige ran around with a few of her friends, but spent most of her time with Caitlyn. They got stickers on their faces, did the cake walk to win some cupcakes, and enjoyed some shaved ice.

Both kids enjoyed their time at the carnival, and it was all for a good cause to improve the security at the school. We could already see some new security doors and some new fencing going up.

Cooper's 12th birthday party - Top Golf

On Saturday morning, Connor went to Top Golf for Cooper's birthday party celebration. Connor hadn't ever hit a golf ball for real, only mini-golf. He took some pointers from Cooper's dad Steve, and then the boys played some games, hitting the balls at the big targets. Connor placed 7th of 8 in the first game and 5th in the second game. It was also kind of a neat opportunity for Connor to meet some of Cooper's friends from Ocean Palms. Other than Cooper, all of the boys at the party will be going to the same middle school next year.

We're glad Connor had fun and got to celebrate with his buddy Cooper.

Paige's hair

Most days Andrea does Paige's hair and I do Connor's, but recently Andrea and I will pick one day a week to sleep in. On sleep in days, Andrea has to do Connor's hair, or I'll have to do Paige's hair. I decided to take a quick pic this last week of Paige's hair before school since I thought she looked extra pretty.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Connor's 11th Birthday

Friday was Connor's birthday and this year we took the opportunity to celebrate with family since the Vernons were in town. After Universal Studios, Chris, Abby, Max and Alex went to Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice's house for the week. I met them for lunch one day, but on Tuesday through Friday it was mostly a normal week for us and the kids went to school and got caught up. On Friday, after the kids went to school, Andrea went to the store to get some decorations and for some sweets for Connor's birthday party.

After Connor got home from school, we snapped a few pictures of him with the decorations before everyone arrived.

Once everyone showed up, Connor opened his cards and presents. He was pumped to get a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey and a Jacksonville Jaguars pillowpet. Grandma and Grandpa got him a new basketball, and Chris, Abby, Alex, and Laura got him a new Xbox Forza Race Car game.

Paige's card and gift to Connor was super cute and homemade. She made a card with Connor and Paige on the front, and inside was a picture of Iggy. Inside, she wrote: "Happy birthday Connor. I hope you enjoy my present I gave you. I hope I can see you when you go to college.". She also made Connor a bookmark and a cute red bow.

While everyone was together in the family room, we got a Vernon group picture with the tripod.

After opening presents, we played basketball with Connor and his new basketball. Connor chose Mommy for his team as well as Alex. Chris, Abby, and I did our best against them, but we were definitely outmatched. After basketball, I went on a short golfcart ride with Chris, Abby, and Alex. Alex drove us around to the North Island and to the Found Forest area. We wanted to ride on the golf course, but it was a busy day for golf and we weren't able to. Once we got back, the pizza arrived, and we all pigged out. Since it was a nice day out, we ate in the lanai area. As the sun set, we brought out Connor's candle and we all sang happy birthday to him.

Max liked the candle, so we gave him a turn to blow it out as well.

In the evening, Connor and Chris did some NBA quizzes on the iPad and we also tried the new racing Xbox game.

Andrea and Paige dug out Paige's toys for Max, and he had a lot of fun organizing the Shopkins.

Max also wanted to play "tennis", and Andrea hit with him for a little while.

After they finished, a bunch of us took turns playing doubles ping pong together. It was super competitive, and Connor was pretty impressive hammering everyone with his big shots. Unfortunately, the video I got wasn't the best, but everyone had fun with it.

After it got late, everyone eventually left and we all went to bed. Connor said he had the best birthday ever, and we're glad everyone was able to celebrate with us together. Thanks to Andrea for getting everything together for Connor's big day, and for making his day so special.

Universal Studios with Vernons

On Monday, February 26th, Paige and I went to Universal Studios with everyone. When we arrived and got through security, we got in line to buy tickets and then realized it would be faster to buy them online and have them printed at the will-call station. We decided to buy a one-day one-park ticket and opted against the fast pass, which was quite a bit extra. It turned out to be a good decision since there was plenty to see at the Universal park, and the lines were pretty short since it wasn't a very busy day. We never had to wait more than 30 minutes for most rides, and usually didn't have a very long wait.

After riding a few rollercoasters, we got some free-refill drinks and then we saw a Dippin' Dots stand and got some dots to eat. In the early afternoon we went to the kids zone and rode the little Woody Woodpecker rollercoaster which was about the same size as the Barnstormer. Paige loved it and was super pumped that she was tall enough to ride by herself as well.

Max played and got wet for a while in the water area and then we noticed the ball area as well. We all had a good time blasting the foam balls at each other.

In the late afternoon and evening, we spent quite a while in the Harry Potter area.

There was a pretty amazing rollercoaster+movie ride through the underground dungeons of the Gringotts bank. Paige didn't read any of the books or watch the movies, but the ride was pretty fun and similar to a lot of the Universal rides.

A lot of them were moving machines with some screens and movies throughout. It was fairly disorienting at times since the machines would definitely move at times, but would also simulate movement while being synchronized with the movie. It was hard to really know how much we were moving vs just being tipped around in the machine and seeing a movie showing the movement. Some of them were better than others, and the Harry Potter ride was probably the best. The Mummy ride had the most actual rollercoaster movement involved, but also had quite a few sections with movie screens and other effects.

Unfortunately, Max was too short for most of the rides, but he was a super good sport and liked playing in the kids area and playing with Paige in the Hary Potter area.

As the sun went down and the lights came on, Paige and I decided to get ready to leave before the Mardi Gras parade. Paige and I had a really fun time together with everyone and while we'd been unsure if we were going to go or not, we were definitely glad we did. It was fun to try something new, and it was nice that the park wasn't too busy and the lines were fairly short.