Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 18, 2018

PVIC Patio for lunch

Today, after our morning tennis, we ate at the PVIC beach patio for lunch. The patio lunch service just re-opened for the season this weekend and we've been looking forwards to eating there again. The kids love the chicken tacos on the kids' menu, and Andrea and I split the California Club. The staff remembered that I liked a lot of sweet tea, and they were happy to see us. They had a new ice cream cookie that Andrea tried (still not as good as the chocolate chip and ice cream cookie that they got rid of last year). Paige tried their new unicorn cookie, which is covered in icing and sprinkles. She liked it pretty well and Andrea tasted it and also thought it was pretty tasty.

It was fun to eat at the beach again and we're happy to spend some time at our beach club again. We were there quite a bit over the weekend, playing at the playground and walking on the beach.

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