Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Block party, broken crib, sippin' straws, Jordan, and Jenni

Connor had a very eventful week last week!

Our neighbors went to a lot of trouble to put together a block party this weekend and it was a lot of fun. We blocked off our street, grilled out, and even had the fire department show up. They hooked up their truck to the fire hydrant and I think the kids liked it just a little bit.

Woah, that water's wet!

The hose looked fun, but Connor was still too little for it:

Jordan and Jenni stopped by on Saturday to visit with Connor. We hadn't seen them in a while, so it was great to see them. Connor liked them and even let us take a picture with them. They have some puppies that Connor really wants to meet, but we haven't found a good time to go visit yet. They're probably older than Connor now (in dog years), and maybe not even puppies any more, but we'll still have to go see them soon.

Jordan and Jenni:

Connor finally figured out how straws worked this week. For a while he would just bite on them. Now he gets to share Mommy and Daddy's yummy drinks.

Mad sippin' skills:

We also had a bit of a scare this last week. We put Connor to bed and a little while later he started crying pretty insistently. Daddy went up to check on him, and was pretty horrified to find that Connor's left foot was caught in the gap between one of the slats on his bed. It was the crack closest to the edge, which was a little tighter than most of the other gaps and his ankle was twisted in an odd angle. He stopped screaming when he saw Daddy and Mommy, but every time we touched his foot to get it out he got very upset. It was jammed in past the ankle bone and we couldn't find a way to pull it out. We were worried he'd dislocated it, or broken it, and we couldn't get it adjusted in any way to pull it back out. We couldn't find a way to pull it out, and really didn't want to injure him, so we decided to be safe and Daddy tore the crib apart with his bare hands. (Oh Snap!)

Thankfully, after removing the slat and getting his ankle out, Connor didn't seem hurt at all. Right away, he walked around and enjoyed examining the big new gap in his bed. Thankfully, it was possible to jam the slat back in place, and it looks like we can tack it in place and glue the splintered wood back where it belongs. For now, it will work, but we've already re-ordered the front piece of his crib. The crib converts to a toddler bed, and converts later to a full sized bed. The back will become the headboard and the front will become the footboard, so we were glad we could replace that piece of it.

Connor in his busted crib:

Don't mess with Daddy's baby:

Glued some of the wood back on the bottom:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amanda and Ryan wed!

Amanda and Ryan got married this last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding, and Connor was honored with the responsibility of being the ring bearer. We were worried he was too young for it, but he was a good boy about wearing his tux and he practiced running up and down the aisle during the rehearsal at least a dozen times. At the wedding, he almost made it the whole way, but got distracted when everyone laughed. We were happy he was so brave, it's a long walk down with everyone watching!

Connor running down the aisle:

A video of Connor going down the aisle during the wedding:

Connor's tiny jacket:

Getting busy on the dance floor:

Holy cow, cousin Alli has some awesome dance moves:

Let's dance!

Family shot at the rehearsal:

Family shot right after the wedding:

Connor and the newlyweds the day after the wedding:

Congratulations Amanda and Ryan! Hooray!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

16 Months old!

Connor turned 16 months old on July 2nd. He's learned a lot this month, and it's amazing to watch him develop. Just last week he learned where his belly button is, his nose and his ears. If you ask him to point to his nose, he'll point at it (and sometimes stick his finger in it), and he can also point to other people's noses. He's very interested in belly buttons and if you ask to see his, he'll pull his shirt up to show you. He also is very curious about other people's belly buttons and he likes to pull up shirts and will stick his finger in any belly button he finds.

Here's Connor pointing at Andrea's nose:

Connor showing us his nose:

Yesterday Connor had a heck of a time in a baby pool that Grandpa Garry and Grammy Genie got for him. He loves water, but unfortunately our pool gets deep (for a baby) as soon as you go down a couple steps. Connor is very independent and very confident that he could swim just fine if we'd let him. He doesn't like when we stop him from jumping down the steps, so it's a constant fight with him when we're at the pool. The little kiddie pool was perfect for him. Not only was it shallow enough that Mommy and Daddy could relax, it also had a sprayer on it that would squirt water. It was probably the most fun Connor's ever had with water.

I think he likes it:

Connor also loves playing with his reflection. I don't think it's computed yet that it's him, so every time he sees his reflection he thinks it's a really nice little boy that wants to play with him.

Here's a little video of him playing in the mirror at home:

As you could hear from that video, Connor's pretty chatty, but it's hard to know exactly how many words he really can say. He says them fairly randomly and intermingled with nonsense sounds, so it's difficult to really know whether he's saying words properly in context, or if it's just luck when he does. We're pretty sure he's said a few correctly. Overall, his receptive language is great, so we're not too concerned he isn't speaking in full sentences or anything.

Well, that's all for now, say goodbye Connor!