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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, July 6, 2008

16 Months old!

Connor turned 16 months old on July 2nd. He's learned a lot this month, and it's amazing to watch him develop. Just last week he learned where his belly button is, his nose and his ears. If you ask him to point to his nose, he'll point at it (and sometimes stick his finger in it), and he can also point to other people's noses. He's very interested in belly buttons and if you ask to see his, he'll pull his shirt up to show you. He also is very curious about other people's belly buttons and he likes to pull up shirts and will stick his finger in any belly button he finds.

Here's Connor pointing at Andrea's nose:

Connor showing us his nose:

Yesterday Connor had a heck of a time in a baby pool that Grandpa Garry and Grammy Genie got for him. He loves water, but unfortunately our pool gets deep (for a baby) as soon as you go down a couple steps. Connor is very independent and very confident that he could swim just fine if we'd let him. He doesn't like when we stop him from jumping down the steps, so it's a constant fight with him when we're at the pool. The little kiddie pool was perfect for him. Not only was it shallow enough that Mommy and Daddy could relax, it also had a sprayer on it that would squirt water. It was probably the most fun Connor's ever had with water.

I think he likes it:

Connor also loves playing with his reflection. I don't think it's computed yet that it's him, so every time he sees his reflection he thinks it's a really nice little boy that wants to play with him.

Here's a little video of him playing in the mirror at home:

As you could hear from that video, Connor's pretty chatty, but it's hard to know exactly how many words he really can say. He says them fairly randomly and intermingled with nonsense sounds, so it's difficult to really know whether he's saying words properly in context, or if it's just luck when he does. We're pretty sure he's said a few correctly. Overall, his receptive language is great, so we're not too concerned he isn't speaking in full sentences or anything.

Well, that's all for now, say goodbye Connor!


alice v said...

we can hardly wait for Connor to show us where his nose and belly button and other strategic parts are.
he needs to know all about anatomy and physiology, right? gramma alice

Richard said...

Wow! What a cute guy. We get the impression from your pictures and talking to you that Connor smiles all the time. What a gem. Love to see these pictures. Keep them coming.