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Monday, June 23, 2008

Pool fun

Connor went to the pool last weekend for the first time this year. We played on the steps to the pool for a while, but Connor kept getting angry that we wouldn't let him drown himself. He kept trying to jump down the steps into deeper and deeper water, and didn't want us holding him or helping him.

The splash ground is a big area where water sprays out of different sprinkler devices and kids run around on wet concrete with their eyes closed. The water was ice cold, and every other kid that went into the splash ground ran through it once and then left. Connor couldn't get enough of it. He would run through it over and over, standing over the fountains, always surprised when they would spray him in the face. It was hilarious to watch him creep up to a fountain after it went off, then jump in surprise when water exploded out of it a moment later. We kept expecting Connor to get tired of the frigid water, but either he didn't realize that the water was making him cold, or he just didn't care. We ended up getting too cold and tired of it before he ever did. The wind was blowing the water into the parents' sitting area, so there was no escaping a shower if you were in the splash ground.

One of the few shots where Connor's running with his eyes open:

A full shot of the splashground (surprisingly with some kids in it besides Connor):


alice v said...

that little boy sure knows how to have fun! did you get a video too?
we'd sure like to have seen all the action. Gramma Alice

Richard said...

Makes me smile. What a cute guy.