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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Rainy Weekend - Park with Griffin


It's been raining a bit every day for the last few weeks, which is kind of typical this time of year, but seems like it's super consistently rainy in the afternoons lately. It's cooling off a little which is wonderful, and the yellow flies seem to be less prevalent, but the rain has been limiting our outdoor enjoyment. On Friday, Amanda and Griffin came by the house to hang out in the afternoon and we rode to the park on our golf cart. Paige and Millie had fun chasing Griffin around the playground equipment and we all took some turns on the swings too. Paige went to the Goble's house for the weekend and had a lot of fun going to Graydon's flag football game and hanging out with their 4 year old neighbor girl Viv. 

The rest of us were home this weekend, I took Millie Mae on a long walk, and we also finally got our new basketball goal put in for Connor. The old one had a damaged base and blew over recently in a storm and we decided to get a more permanent setup.

Graydon Stays Overnight - I9 Football, Board Games, Beach Day

Last weekend we had Graydon over to hang out with us on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning we went to Creekside Highschool for Graydon's first I9 Flag Football game. Unfortunately we showed up a couple minutes after it started and missed his touchdown, but the rest of the game was entertaining. Graydon's team was down 6-12 and on the final play of the game their QB threw a pass in to a crowd, the ball got tipped up in the air and landed right in one of Graydon's teammate's hands who ran it in for the tying touchdown. Quite the finish to the game, and we were glad they finished with a tie instead of a loss.

The rest of the weekend with Graydon was pretty chill. It's been raining a lot lately, so Saturday we chilled at the house. Paige and Graydon made some grilled cheese together and were cute about hanging out a lot. I set up my laptop on the TV tray in Paige's room so they were able to do some gaming.

In the evening we played some board games: Zingo, Sleeping Queens, and then Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. Lots of laughs and fun, the kids were in great moods and it was way more exciting than I expected.

Sunday we went to the beach with the kids and with Millie Mae. We drove separately, so I took Paige and Graydon to the ocean and Andrea showed up with Connor a bit later since they needed to take care of some lab work for Connor. The water was amazing, probably the best I've ever seen at our beach. It was a yellow flag day, but the waves were still large and spaced out well. Perfect for surfing and bodyboards. We ate lunch at the Surf Club and poor Millie had to sit in her travel kennel and hide in the wagon since dogs aren't allowed. Thankfully she was a good girl and we were able to enjoy a nice lunch at the restaurant. 

 After the beach, we washed up at home and then went over to the Goble's house for the Chief's game.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Coach Cristina Tennis Lesson - Connor, Paige, and Me

In the evening on Labor Day, Connor, Paige, and I went to a group tennis lesson with Coach Cristina. The kids have been going to her lately and it's a pretty good workout and she has great feedback. It was my first time going. The court is in her neighborhood, just south of ours, and Connor drove us over. It was a hot day and it was a pretty high intensity hour and a half workout without a lot of downtime. The kids both hit well and I was impressed with their consistency and with their serves. I took a time out during the serve workout to give my shoulder a break as it's been bothering me for a while now. It gave me a chance to take some pics and videos of the kids.

Labor Day Monday Swimming with the Gobles


Monday, Labor Day, there was no school and I took the day off from work to have some family time. We went to lunch and then the Gobles came over for some swimming. For the first time in a long time we were able to swim as long as we wanted and it didn't rain on us. Griffin had a great time putting his face in the water, Connor and Graydon played a lot of basketball, and I practiced volleyball skills with a beach ball with Andrea, Amanda, and Paige. Ryan tried fishing in the pond behind our house but was unfortunately unsuccessful at catching anything. 

I'd been trying to get some action shots of Millie Mae jumping in the pool and finally got the settings right so it didn't blow focus.

Labor Day Weekend Orlando - Four Seasons

Saturday, on the Labor Day weekend, we went to Orlando for a family weekend together. We stopped at the Uno's that's on International Drive since the one we usually go to near Disney Springs is now closed and that area's been bulldozed for some new construction project. After checking in, we went to the pool to enjoy the amenities while we could. This year especially, it seems to rain and storm every afternoon or evening. 

I'd had a dark spot on my cheek removed and had to wear a bandaid all weekend. Connor was a bit uncomfortable since his skin's a little irritated with his Accutane medicine. He's been on it now for eight weeks and recently had upped his dose. His lips are dry and over the weekend his skin was a bit red all over. He kept his shirt on and stayed in the shade most of the time we were at the pool. 

Saturday afternoon we played volleyball at the Hideout and went around the lazy river a bunch. We got some snacks by the pool and then enjoyed watching the US Open in the room in the evening. 

Sunday morning we slept in, went to lunch at PB&G's, and then enjoyed the resort the rest of the day. We'd intended to stay the night, but as it was getting rainy and we'd already done most of the things we wanted to do, we drove home on Sunday night so we'd have a full day at home on Monday. Overall, we had a wonderful time goofing off with the kids and enjoying our family time together.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Grandpa and Grandma's house with the Dogs


After we dropped Paige off at the Gobles, we stopped by to see Grandma and Grandpa. They had five dogs they were dogsitting during the week, but unfortunately three of them left already before we came over. We still got to see a big chocolate lab that was pregnant and a cute old schnauzer. Andrea tried to pet Pepe, and after a couple attempts he finally let her touch him. Even though it's been a few years now, he's still a shy and skittish dog.

Shawn's Standup Paddleboard

I got a SUP last week and on Friday when we dropped Paige off at the Goble's house for the weekend we brought my SUP over to try out on the river. It's been raining every day and there was a small window of time that it looked like we might get a break in the clouds so I inflated my SUP and dropped it in the water at the kayak launch. Paige and Millie rode around with me for about five minutes before we heard thunder in the distance and the clouds darkened the sky and ruined our fun. It was peaceful and pretty on the river and Millie liked jumping in and swimming around with me. Amanda heard a story about a kid that had a gator try and jump in his kayak recently, so we're not sure if we'll be SUPing on the river in the near future, but we'll see. 

On Sunday I took Millie and the SUP to the beach. Even though it was only a yellow flag, the waves were difficult to deal with and after we fell off the second time Millie swam back to shore and we gave up. I don't think the SUP in the ocean is going to work unless it's a super calm day with no waves.

Millie Mae and her husband Cooper


Paige was out playing with the neighbor kids and they had Cooper running around with them. I brought Millie out to see them and we snapped a quick pic of them together. Paige and the kids had a whole ceremony last year where Millie and Cooper got married and there's even a marriage certificate for them. Unfortunately, Millie is not happy with the marriage and usually tries to run away from Cooper when she sees him. Paige had to hold her next to Cooper for the picture. Thankfully Cooper doesn't seem to notice and he was very happy and smiled nicely for the picture.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Sleepover with Graydon and Griffin

This past Saturday we had the Goble boys over for a sleepover. It's the first time we've had them both overnight without their parents and while we were a bit nervous about it, we had a lot of fun with them and it was a different experience to have them on our own.

Saturday afternoon we went swimming for a while and intended to spend a lot of time outside, but as has happened almost every day lately, we had some thunderstorms roll in. Before it rained we played some basketball, got a nice pic of Millie leaping in the pool and enjoyed watching Griffin swim and dunk his head underwater. 

After the storms passed us by, Andrea and I took Griffin out on the golf cart for a ride. He loved it, but it eventually lulled him to sleep. Andrea had to fight with him a bit to keep him awake so he wouldn't mess up his sleep schedule. After we got him home we put him in his PJ's and brushed his teeth. Before bed we were watching some tennis and Griffin actually loved it and would clap along when the crowd reacted to a good point. Eventually, Andrea put him to bed in the master bedroom and we laid with him until he fell asleep. It took him about thirty minutes, and you could definitely tell he was fighting it, but eventually he dozed off.

Griffin stayed asleep all night and Andrea slept with him and woke up with him in the morning. Griffin was up early on Sunday around 5:30. After I woke up around 7, I took over and I took him out to play. Griffin had a waffle for breakfast, and then we did some "cooking" in the bonus room, played ping pong with Millie, played with stuffed animals, and eventually I decided to take him out for another golf cart ride. He fell asleep on the golf cart ride and I didn't bother trying to keep him awake.

In the afternoon we met Amanda and Ryan at Cantina Louie for lunch and that was the end of our special weekend with the boys. After it was over with, Andrea and I talked and realized we hadn't done much or spent much one on one time with Graydon. After swimming on Saturday, I did a Nerf Dart war with Graydon, Connor, and Paige. Otherwise, it was Paige that mostly played with Graydon and kept him entertained and occupied. Graydon liked playing "The Sims" and Paige was cute about helping him set up a character and a household. We decided that next time we have them over we'll have to do something special with Graydon, we were definitely a bit preoccupied and focused on keeping Griffin safe.