Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Monday, December 12, 2022

Physics with Connor and Andrea


Connor's taking honors level Physics online and he's been doing well for the most part on his own. The material is definitely complex and more difficult than any classes that Andrea and I took when we were in high school. While we did get Connor some official tutoring, Andrea and I have tried to work through some of his lessons with him, with varying success. Andrea buckled down with him this last week and she actually spent hours on her own learning the material so she could explain it to him and understand it herself. It was an impressive feat and she was able to help Connor out a lot on his assignments and some of the work that needed remediation. 

Connor's done well on his first semester of Physics and he's taking his final exam for the first semester later this week. I'm proud of Connor for all his hard work and I'm proud of Andrea for being such an awesome and supportive mother.

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