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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sykes Family Farm with Gobles and Raquel

Friday evening we went to the Sykes Family farm to enjoy some Christmas fun. Connor had a function with friends in the evening so we had an extra ticket and Paige decided to invite her friend Raquel. Raquel's mother dropped her off and I snapped a pic of the girls after they put on some Christmas pajamas and some holiday headgear that Raquel brought over. 

The traffic was awful on a Friday night, driving down I-95 in the dark, but after an hour we arrived and met up with the Gobles. They had been waiting for us to arrive and Griffin could hardly wait to see Santa, so that's what we did first. Griffin loves Santa and was so excited to say hi. It was a quiet night at the farm and not busy at all, so Griffin ended up visiting with Santa many times throughout the night.

The rest of the evening we checked out all the different activities on the property. It was a beautiful night for it and was nice and cool out. We rode the hay ride, played on the teetertotter, threw footballs and basketballs at targets, jumped on a bouncy inflatable trampoline, looked at cows, goats, and turkeys, and the girls ate a tasty funnel cake. 

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