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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mommy and Paige

Paige is at home today with Mommy and they had a disagreement this morning about the iPad. Andrea decided it was time to play some games and read some books and Paige wasn't being a good listener. After Paige settled down, Andrea was reading a book to her and Paige said "I love you mommy. Even when I'm mad at you, I still love you. Even when I"m disappointed in you, I still love you."

They are my sweet special girls! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa

This past weekend, Grandma and Grandpa invited the kids over for a sleepover on Saturday. They got to play with all kinds of fun stuff and had great fun with the Grandparents.

Lunch with the Greats

On Saturday we drove to Daytona Beach to spend the day with the Great grandparents. We had lunch at Aunt Catfish and then we played and visited for a bit at the condo. It was fun to see them and we're excited they're in town again for a little while.

New tooth

This weekend I noticed a gap between Connor's teeth and when I took a look I saw a new one poking through on the bottom. The baby tooth that's blocking it doesn't seem to be loose at all and we were worried it'd cause a problem. Andrea called the dentist today and he said it's totally normal and not to worry. We need to make sure we're brushing the new tooth, and Connor's supposed to try and wiggle that baby tooth to make it loose. We're going to miss all his cute little baby teeth!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cold January

I just realized I hadn't posted anything much in a while. It's been cold out and feels like winter. It's actually pretty nice outside in the afternoon and we've been playing outside pretty often.

We've been fairly busy lately, but haven't had anything really noteworthy or exciting the past couple weeks where we really had our cameras out. Connor's been doing basketball and getting back to school. Paige has been playing princesses a lot and watching My Little Pony. Andrea's been doing tennis quite a bit and is playing with a team. She had her first match and they won! One of these days she'll feel comfortable enough for me to go and watch and take a few pics.

Yesterday I was looking at Paige eating her yogurt and was surprised at how much of it she still manages to get all over her face. I snapped a quick pic of her eating.

And of course had to snap a quick pic of my cute little man.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Basketball of the season

Connor's first basketball game with the Upward Basketball league was this morning at 8am. Basketball practice started back in mid-December and they had a break over the holidays. Today, we got up bright and early, and Connor was pretty tired and wasn't very excited to get out of bed.

The Upward Basketball league ran a tight and professional game. The kids all wore armbands and were matched up with players that were assessed with a similar skill level. There were two referees for the game and they did a good job of working with the kids and keeping them following the rules. In Connor's previous league a couple years ago, they didn't let the kids do much on defense and they weren't allowed to steal the ball. In his current league, they are required to wait for the offense to cross mid-court before playing defense, but after that they are allowed to steal the ball and it's a pretty physical game at times.

Connor started off the game a little hesitant, but he warmed up eventually and did well when he got the ball. Connor tended to hang back at times, but he did have five opportunities to shoot and made two baskets. After the game, Connor got a star award for being so great on offense.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bowling at Latitude 30

On Saturday night, we went to Latitude 30 with the Prescotts. We expected it'd be busy on a Saturday night, so we got there pretty early at 5. Unfortunately there was still an hour and a half wait, so we goofed off in the arcade for a while and ate dinner.

The kids love a ride that shakes and moves along with the video. They rode a rollercoaster, a mine train, a fast car and a pinball machine.

After dinner we did some bowling while we watched the Chiefs lose their playoff game. It was our first time bowling with the kids, so we weren't sure how it would go. Connor started off straddling the ball and pushing it with two hands, but by the end of the night he was slinging the 6 pound ball down the lane pretty fast. 

He managed one spare and I just happened to catch it on video.

Paige was certain that she could do it all by herself. She carried the ball down and would push it by herself and would get very irritated with me whenever we'd so much as step foot near her. Most times she did pretty well, but one throw was more sideways than anything and we got worried it'd get stuck. Andrea went out on the slippery lane to catch it and thankfully didn't slip and fall.

Paige was typically very proud of herself any time the ball made it all the way down the lane. If it knocked any pins down it was just a bonus.

Paige warmed up to Mr. Chris quite a bit throughout the night.

It was fun to bowl with Kenlyn since she's quite the cheerleader. It always added to the excitement. You can hear her in the videos and she would always cheer regardless of the outcome.

New Years fun

Since we got back home from Kansas City, we've been enjoying the nice weather and getting back in to our routine. Connor's been playing with Trevor a bunch since they're not back to school yet. He stayed the night at Trevor's house during the week and we went over to visit with them on New Year's eve. We had a pretty low key celebration and actually ended up going home and getting to bed before midnight.

This week, Trevor came over for a sleepover. They were supposed to be in bed, but we kept hearing them goofing off in Connor's room. I went up to check on them and listened to them talking for a while. I took some notes since it was a silly conversation.

Trevor: "How do you get your hair spiky?"
Connor: "First you put water on it, then gel, then comb it and blow dry it."
Trevor: "Hair dry, hair cut, hair dry, hair cut, hair dry, hair cut!"
Connor: "Guess what. Four more minutes until 11 o'clock. Then it will be boop boop boop 12 o'clock. Then boop boop boop 1 o'clock. Then boop boop boop 2 o'clock."
Trevor: "I know a way to sleep. I'll sleep like this." Trevor turned upside down and hung his body off the side of the bed. Connor lay with his head towards the foot of the bed and they kicked each other while giggling. After wrestling for a while, Trevor finally closed his eyes and lay very still. Connor climbed on top of him and fiddled with his face until Trevor got annoyed. Then they played with the stuffed animals for a couple of minutes.
Connor: "Now it's past 11 o'clock."

I made some noise so they could hear me coming, then slid open Connor's door and walked in. They both pretended to sleep and I took a picture of them after I tucked them in and gave Connor a kiss goodnight. After I left they giggled for a bit and were pretty proud of themselves for outsmarting dumb old dad.