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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cold January

I just realized I hadn't posted anything much in a while. It's been cold out and feels like winter. It's actually pretty nice outside in the afternoon and we've been playing outside pretty often.

We've been fairly busy lately, but haven't had anything really noteworthy or exciting the past couple weeks where we really had our cameras out. Connor's been doing basketball and getting back to school. Paige has been playing princesses a lot and watching My Little Pony. Andrea's been doing tennis quite a bit and is playing with a team. She had her first match and they won! One of these days she'll feel comfortable enough for me to go and watch and take a few pics.

Yesterday I was looking at Paige eating her yogurt and was surprised at how much of it she still manages to get all over her face. I snapped a quick pic of her eating.

And of course had to snap a quick pic of my cute little man.

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