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Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years fun

Since we got back home from Kansas City, we've been enjoying the nice weather and getting back in to our routine. Connor's been playing with Trevor a bunch since they're not back to school yet. He stayed the night at Trevor's house during the week and we went over to visit with them on New Year's eve. We had a pretty low key celebration and actually ended up going home and getting to bed before midnight.

This week, Trevor came over for a sleepover. They were supposed to be in bed, but we kept hearing them goofing off in Connor's room. I went up to check on them and listened to them talking for a while. I took some notes since it was a silly conversation.

Trevor: "How do you get your hair spiky?"
Connor: "First you put water on it, then gel, then comb it and blow dry it."
Trevor: "Hair dry, hair cut, hair dry, hair cut, hair dry, hair cut!"
Connor: "Guess what. Four more minutes until 11 o'clock. Then it will be boop boop boop 12 o'clock. Then boop boop boop 1 o'clock. Then boop boop boop 2 o'clock."
Trevor: "I know a way to sleep. I'll sleep like this." Trevor turned upside down and hung his body off the side of the bed. Connor lay with his head towards the foot of the bed and they kicked each other while giggling. After wrestling for a while, Trevor finally closed his eyes and lay very still. Connor climbed on top of him and fiddled with his face until Trevor got annoyed. Then they played with the stuffed animals for a couple of minutes.
Connor: "Now it's past 11 o'clock."

I made some noise so they could hear me coming, then slid open Connor's door and walked in. They both pretended to sleep and I took a picture of them after I tucked them in and gave Connor a kiss goodnight. After I left they giggled for a bit and were pretty proud of themselves for outsmarting dumb old dad.

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Richard said...

That last paragraph is very good. I remember those times.