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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, November 23, 2012

McAlister's and movies

On Friday, we all went out to McAlister's for our last lunch there. It was busy, being "Black Friday", but we got the big tables and feasted together. We will miss our family and McAlister's when we leave tomorrow!

After lunch, Grandpa and Grandma and the Rudolphs took Connor and Paige to the Movies. They saw "Wreck it Ralph" and all said it was a fun movie.

Marilyn and Karen visit

Andrea's aunt Marilyn came by with some gifts for the kids on Friday. Paige got a cute stuffed Mermaid and a Fancy Nancy mermaid book too. Connor got a neat animal book and a Guess Who game. We chatted for a while and caught up on all the recent happenings with her family. It was very sweet of her to take the time to come all the way out to Odessa to see everyone. Thanks Marilyn! Love you!

Andrea's aunt Karen also came out to visit with us and bring the kids some early Christmas presents. We were over at Amanda's house at the time though and didn't remember our camera. We also got to see cousin Teresa, who babysat the kids for a bit and cousin Michael. Thanks Aunt Karen, Michael and Teresa!

Buddy and Renie

When we were in town, we had to visit with Buddy and Renie. They were happy to spend time with the kids and the kids had fun goofing with Buddy and playing with them. They found some porcelain kitty cats and were wild and crazy in their little place.  

Connor found some little hand weights and Sissy had to show off.

Chilling with the Rudolphs

Paige and Connor got to stay one night with the Rudolphs when we were in town for Thanksgiving. They stayed overnight on Tuesday night and went to Burr Oaks nature conservation park. Paige slept in the big girl bed with Allison and they shared some fun girl time. It was great for everyone to get to spend some time together.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving celebration with the Anders

On Wednesday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Anders family. We started off the morning with some early Christmas gifts from Grandma Genie and Grandpa Garry. The kids enjoyed opening everything and they got some fun goodies that they played with all day.

Paige liked her Dora chair! 

After everyone arrived, we played for a while and then took some family pictures while the light was still good outside. 

The kids played in the leaves together with Grandpa Garry. Connor and Drew buried themselves completely at one point.

The Rudolphs brought some early Christmas presents for Connor and Paige.

I enjoyed holding my new nephew Graydon. Andrea took some nice pictures of us together.

Paige loved holding him too!

Soon, it was dinner time! We always enjoy Grandma Genie's home cooking. Paige sat at the little kids' table with Allison.

Allison did a very nice job taking a picture of the big table just before we dug in to our plates.

It was a delicious dinner! Connor and Paige ate well and especially enjoyed the brownies. Delicious!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Connor's School Thanksgiving Feast

On Friday, Andrea and I went to Connor's school to see him celebrate Thanksgiving with his class. The kids had all decorated some pillowcases and had roles to play in a story that the teachers told.Connor was dressed as one of the Pilgrim men.

He did a good job during the Thanksgiving story. I took a video of it and the video ended up being pretty stinking long. I didn't tape the entire story.

After the story, they sang some songs and then the kids got to eat some Thanksgiving food. The kids all decorated their placemats and Connor's had some cute turkeys.

There were some very cute turkey and teepee desserts. Connor was very happy that we came to visit him and teared up a bit when we left. He's such a sweet boy and we are thankful we were able to participate with him for his party.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shawn's Pirate Birthday

Sunday was my birthday and we celebrated by going to St. Augustine for lunch and the Pirate Festival. Mom and Dad came along and treated us to a yummy lunch at Cruisers. The weather was beautiful and we walked around for a while and then went to the fairground for the festival. There were lots of little tents with exhibits and pirate merchandise. We spent most of our time on the big inflatable equipment and the park that was next door. The kids had an awesome time with everything.

The kids loved sliding down everything. Paige even tacked the super tall slide.

Both kids wanted to ride the "baby horses".

After all the Pirate fun we stopped by Hyppos for some popsicles! Grandpa and Grandma treated us again and we definitely enjoyed them. I don't much care for cake, but I do love frozen treats. We decided that this would be my "cake" for my birthday!

Sissy was a disgusting mess, she ate all of hers!

It was a great birthday! I am so thankful I could spend it with my family and that my Mom and Dad live so close and spent the day with me too. Love you all!!

Dinner out for my birthday with Andrea

On Saturday night, Andrea took me out for some drinks and dinner. We went to The Brick and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. Great dinner, great drinks and a beautiful companion. Thanks Andrea!