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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Princess and Pirate Party for Ryleigh

On Saturday, Connor and Andrea went to Ryleigh's "Princess and Pirate" party at the clubhouse. Ryleigh and the girls dressed up as beautiful princesses and Connor and the boys dressed up as pirates. The party was put on by Angel (a neighbor), and it was very cute with neat decorations, food, and Cinderella even came to visit and read stories for the children.

Connor is crazy about Ryleigh and they get along and play well together. Sometimes we think he plays better with her than with boys because he's not as competitive with her or something since she's a girl. Either way, they're good buddies and it was fun for Connor to celebrate her birthday with everyone. Andrea took some really cute pictures at the party too with the fancy Nikon, I was very impressed with her photography skills!

Andrea and Heather (Ryleigh's mom) got a quick pic together too.

The table was decorated like a pirate ship.

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