Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Family Pictures

Our Fall Family Pictures finally were finished! We had them taken a couple weeks ago by Jenn Hopkins ( and we got the final product today. As usual, Andrea spent quite a bit of time working on cute outfits and trying to come up with a theme and look for them. Jenn suggested a park nearby, and everything came together nicely and we got a lot of really nice photos from our session.

Connor and Paige both were fairly cooperative. The last time we did photos with Jenn, we were at the beach and Paige decided that day that she'd be terrified of the water and cried inconsolably for most of the session. Thankfully, this time around both kids were cooperative and were easier to work with.

We really like the way the pictures of the kids turned out. Some of the pictures of the two of them are absolutely priceless. Andrea looked beautiful as always, and we even got a couple of cute pictures as a couple. Overall, we were extremelly pleased with them!

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