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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving celebration with the Anders

On Wednesday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Anders family. We started off the morning with some early Christmas gifts from Grandma Genie and Grandpa Garry. The kids enjoyed opening everything and they got some fun goodies that they played with all day.

Paige liked her Dora chair! 

After everyone arrived, we played for a while and then took some family pictures while the light was still good outside. 

The kids played in the leaves together with Grandpa Garry. Connor and Drew buried themselves completely at one point.

The Rudolphs brought some early Christmas presents for Connor and Paige.

I enjoyed holding my new nephew Graydon. Andrea took some nice pictures of us together.

Paige loved holding him too!

Soon, it was dinner time! We always enjoy Grandma Genie's home cooking. Paige sat at the little kids' table with Allison.

Allison did a very nice job taking a picture of the big table just before we dug in to our plates.

It was a delicious dinner! Connor and Paige ate well and especially enjoyed the brownies. Delicious!!!

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Richard said...

It's very nice you guys have the means to visit far away relatives, and it's great you take the time to do it. I'm glad you have such a nice family group and people who love and care.