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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Paige's first sleepover with Abby + Jr Tennis Extravaganza

On Saturday, the Racquet Club was hosting a Junior Tennis Extravaganza and Paige was excited to go. We decided to carpool with our neighbor Abby, and dropped the girls off at 3:30.

After tennis there was a Lamborghini event and we took the girls for a ride and then went to Barbara Jean's.

The girls had fun at dinner and were having such a good time we decided to ask Abby's mom if Abby could stay the night. The girls were super excited when we got permission for the sleepover.

The girls stayed up fairly late playing games and goofing off together. Abby had trouble falling asleep and at one point we were worried she'd have to go home. Thankfully she talked to her mom and ended up falling asleep. In the morning I was asking the girls what they would like for breakfast and they said they wanted a buffet. I fixed a fruit plate, pancakes, yogurt, and scrambled eggs. Connor was excited to join them as well.

Lamborghini Urus test drive

On Saturday afternoon we attended the Lamborghini Urus test drive at the club. The Urus was just released and it was neat to see it in person and have the opportunity to drive such a cool car. The model we tested had a few upgrades and was listed for $250,000. It was fun to put it in sports mode and floor it, however I actually think we liked the Tesla Model X better and the Tesla was less than half the price. Seems like a bargain after driving around the Lambo!

Paige and Abby liked the built in Android entertainment system in the back and took some cute selfies.

Connor's Jr Tennis team

Connor's team played against Queen's Harbor this past Friday. Our teammate Robert fell off a golf cart on Halloween and hit his head, so he hasn't been back to school or back to tennis, but we were happy that he came to watch and support his buddies. Everyone signed a card for him and got him some balloons and a gift.

Connor played the best I've ever seen against one of the tallest kids he's ever had to play. I am pretty sure the boy was probably as tall or taller than me. Both of them hit really well and had some awesome rallies. I tried to get a few videos, but there wasn't a good vantage point to do so, and I was worried Connor would fuss at me and get flustered if he saw me recording.

Connor ended up winning the first set 4-3 and the second set 4-1. Very close games though, and he was fortunate that most of the key no-ad points went his way.

Connor played doubles with Quinn afterwards and they won together.

Grandpa Rick in the Hospital

Grandpa Rick wasn't feeling too well this last week and ended up going to the ER twice and eventually admitted so they could figure out exactly which antibiotic would work best. I went up with the kids on Thursday night to visit him. He is doing much better and we're happy that he's on the mend.

Old Lady Chloe

Chloe is getting to be quite an old lady. She turned 15 this Fall and recently she had a UTI in October. We treated it with some medication and she seemed to get better, but this past week she threw up a few times and I realized she was getting very skinny. I took her to the vet and she'd gone from 11.4 pounds in October to 10.4 pounds. Her blood work showed some liver function issues, so we've changed her diet to whatever we can find that she will eat, and that will also be easy to digest. The vet also prescribed her some anti-nausea medicine which seemed to make Chloe very dizzy and Chloe may have even had a seizure. Not sure if that was a result of the medicine, but it happened fairly soon after we gave it to her, so we stopped the medicine.

Chloe's gotten some soft dog food as well as beef+rice and this morning she even got some scrambled eggs with the kids. She is enjoying her new diet and is starting to look a little better. We've all been worried about her and I hope she feels much better soon and puts on some weight.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Florida Gators Football game vs Mizzou

This Saturday, November 3rd, we all had the opportunity to go see a Florida Gators Football game. One of Andrea's tennis friends had some extra tickets and we decided it would be a fun experience to go see the University of Florida campus and take the kids too. We got some Gator's gear and made the drive down to Gainesville after lunch. It was a crazy chaotic scene once we got near the campus and it took a bit longer than we expected to maneuver through the crowds and park the car. We'd hoped we could walk around for a little while before the game started, but decided to get our seats and see all the pre-game excitement.

The Gators ended up losing to Mizzou, which was sad for the Florida fans, but as Missouri people we didn't really mind so much. There were some exciting plays during the game and the halftime show was super entertaining. It was homecoming weekend, so a lot of alumni were present including a bunch of ex-band members. With the alumni at halftime there were over 600 people in the band on the field and we had awesome seats to take it all in.

Go Gators! 

Halloween 2018

On Wednesday we celebrated Halloween for 2018 in the neighborhood. Paige was excited to dress up as "Evie" (from the Descendents) and looked transformed with her blue dress and long blue wig. Connor didn't really want to trick-or-treat, but reluctantly threw on a Chief's Jersey and went along with us. Grandma and Grandpa came over and we set out around 6pm on the golf cart after snapping a few pics. 

It was a beautiful day and the weather cooperated as well as we could have hoped for. Andrea did a nice job driving us around in the golf cart and we went to some of the houses near ours and then to Lamplighter and Found Forest. We stayed out past dark and then decided to get home around 8 so we would have time to unwind and hand out some candy too.

Happy Halloween!

Paige's Halloween party at school with Andrea

Paige's class celebrated Halloween on Wednesday with their Fall STEM centers. Andrea volunteered to help and was in charge of a science experiment involving rolling apples down ramps. Paige loved having a fun day at school and it was extra special with Mommy there.

Paige took a pic with the twins Saylor and Reece.

Paige enjoys having a new buddy Emily P in her class.

Lunch and fun with the Froehlichs

On Sunday, October 27th, we met the Froehlichs at Barbara Jeans and then they came over for the afternoon and watched some football with us and the kids played. They are such a fun family for us to hang out with and everybody gets along so well.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Bike ride with the family in the neighborhood

On Saturday we got the bikes out and took a little ride around the neighborhood. Connor had been outgrowing his Redline bike that he got for Christmas in 2014 (, so we got him a new one last week. Connor's new bike has full size 26" wheels, but it's kind of neat since the seat can be low enough that he can use it now and grow in to it. Paige received his hand-me-down Orange Redline bike, and wasn't too thrilled about it. She was wanting to a brand spanking new one like Bubba, but she has had a good attitude about it. After our bike ride, we took her to the bike store and let her pick out a cup holder and basket for it to make it special. We also needed to get the brakes adjusted, so it was a good opportunity to give it a mini-makeover. No pics of it yet, but did take pics of both kids on their bikes during the ride.

Paige wanted to type a little too on the blog since she's sitting in my lap and helping me. From Paige: Hello my name is Paige  I love dogs my favorite is schnoodle thats my doggie breed :)

On the ride, everyone got to pick a place to go in the neighborhood. Paige's choice was to stop at her friend "Branchy" which is on a lot for sale in the North Island. Branchy is looking pretty good lately and getting tall. I'm dreading the day someone buys the lot and bulldozes poor Branchy. Paige will be heartbroken. Maybe some day we'll buy the lot and we'll build the house around Branchy.

We also stopped at our "Reflecting Place" which is just inside the gate of the North Island. We threw some bread for the fish and reflected on our 2018 year so far.

Our last stop was the park and Daddy turned in to a scary Lava Zombie and chased the kids around. They couldn't get off the equipment because of the lava everywhere, but the scary Lava Zombie was able to attack from anywhere.