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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, December 31, 2018

KC Christmas 2018

For Christmas this year, we flew to KC early on Sunday December 23rd. We had to get up at 3am to get ready for the flight and thankfully the holiday travel was fairly uneventful. We ate at McAlister's for lunch and arrived pretty early in the day. Grandma's house was decorated for Christmas and she always makes it comfy and cozy for us.

On Christmas Eve we put on some of our nice clothes and went to Odessa for Christmas Eve service.

After Christmas Eve service we put on our comfy Christmas PJ's and played at the house. Grandma Genie got a foosball table and it's got a really neat illuminated ball.

On Christmas morning, everyone came to Grandma Genie's house in the morning and we ate Lamar's Donuts and opened gifts together.

After Christmas we spent a lot of time with family playing games, doing puzzles, having sleepovers, taking walks, decorating cookies, eating out together, and much more.

On Friday we went to the Main Event, which is kind of like a fancy Chuck E Cheese with bowling. We'd planned to bowl, but it was a super long wait and pretty expensive too. We got some unlimited cards to play games and we enjoyed that for a couple of hours.

Sunday morning we got up super early at 3am for another early flight. Thankfully the travel both ways was fairly uneventful, however it was definitely exhausting with the early flights. Merry Christmas!

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