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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Disney Dream Christmas Cruise with Grandma Genie

On Friday, December 7th, we went on a 3 night Disney Cruise with Grandma Genie. It was our 11th Disney Cruise, but we hadn't been on a cruise since our Disney Cruise last December so it was fun to get away and have some family time.

After getting everything setup with our rooms and getting aboard, we scheduled some of our activities and then did the evacuation drill. Before dinner, we took Paige to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for her magical makeover. It was actually a close run thing because our luggage hadn't shown up yet and thankfully it arrived just as her appointment was supposed to start.

Our first dinner was in the Animator's Palate and we enjoyed our steak dinners and lots of Cherry Cokes.

After dinner we went to see Santa and we had to be honest, so we put Iggy's name on the Naughty list.

Friday evening, we went to see the Golden Mickeys show and then went to bed. In the morning we went to the Princess Gathering and Paige dressed as Rapunzel.

In the past, we enjoyed building gingerbread houses, but Disney has changed it so now they do gingerbread cookie decorating. We all did some fancy artwork and then gobbled up the poor cookie people.

In the afternoon the kids went with Grandma to do some minigolf and mystery solving and Andrea and I went to Palo to have a fancy brunch. Since we were platinum (over 10 cruises) it was complimentary, and it was neat to see Palo and Remy and give them a try.

In the evening on Saturday we went to dinner and then went to the new show "Beauty and the Beast".

On Sunday, we disembarked at Castaway Cay and it was a super windy and cool day. We were a little worried that it would be too cold to do much on the beach, but the water was still fairly warm and we played out in the water and both kids made it across the monkey bars on the obstacle course.

After we got back on board, everyone rode on the Aquaduck. The line was fairly short, but it was still a pretty long wait. I managed to get a video of them as they passed by.

Unfortunately, Sunday night, Paige started feeling bad. Paige's stomach was hurting and we ended up going back to the room after dinner. She ended up throwing up and we had to miss the show. We watched some movies and chillaxed and went to bed fairly early.

On Monday we got up super early and got home in time for school and work. Paige's stomach continued to bother her and she missed school on Monday and Tuesday. We had a nice time on the cruise, but it seemed pretty short. We definitely like a longer cruise, however it was neat to squeeze in a weekend on a Disney Cruise and it was extra special since Grandma Genie came along and experienced everything with us.

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