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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, December 3, 2018

Chloe home care

Chloe has been struggling this past week and we've spent a lot of time on her treatment and trying to get her better. We had a couple of vet appointments at Brentwood Animal Clinic, and Dr. Hightman did a comprehensive exam and went over her labs. He decided to first treat her pancreatic issues and ordered Chloe on a prescription dog food and gave us IV fluids to give at home. We had been feeding her anything she would eat prior to this and for a few days she ate next to nothing. It was hard, but we stuck to the plan. By Friday Chloe had lost a lot of weight and seemed very weak, although her stool had improved and normalized.

On Friday we had another vet appointment and I was really struggling with the decision to continue. It's been very difficult to stick her and do the fluids, although we've been getting better at it. It's also hard seeing her struggle. We decided to try some medicine to treat some of the liver issues and got some more IV fluids. I was apprehensive about it all, but decided to give it another week. On Saturday, Chloe seemed to turn a corner. Suddenly she had an appetite and has been up and about like her old self. She eats all of her prescription dog food in normal amounts and has been up out of bed following everyone around the house.

We're hoping Chloe will continue to improve, we are getting a little encouraged with her progress, but we know she's an old dog and this has all undoubtedly taken a toll on her.

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