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Monday, November 18, 2019

Paige's last USTA match of the season

Paige's team had their final match of the season on Friday 11/15/2019. The team played against the other PVIC team and Paige played doubles with Zoey. Their match was very close and they were behind for most of the match. The girls rallied and at 7-7 they played a 7 point tiebreaker and managed to win. After the match, we thanked Taylor for being our pro and haling out and we snapped a pic of Paige and Zoey with Taylor after we gave him a thank you card.

Great job team! (Cailyn didn't play on Friday so isn't pictured)

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Shawn's 40th birthday

I turned 40 this past Monday. I honestly can't believe I'm 40, it doesn't feel like it, but according to the calendar it's true. The Thursday before my birthday we got family pictures done and afterwards we celebrated my birthday with a nice French dinner at JJ's Bistro.

On Friday, Grandpa came to get the kids after they were done with school and Andrea and I drove to Georgia for a weekend at the Sea Island resort. It was our first time there and it was fun to explore the area and try the restaurants. We did two hours of tennis on Saturday morning and Sunday morning and spent the rest of our days biking around, watching football, and relaxing together. The weather had just turned cool and breezy, so we enjoyed the hot chocolate and snacks that they supplied daily.

On Monday morning, which was my actual birthday, we at a late breakfast and then drove back home so we could make it to a doctor's appointment for Andrea. After Andrea's appointment, we met everyone at Nona Blue for a birthday dinner and although I wouldn't let everyone sing for me, I did enjoy a yummy banana dessert and made a wish on the candle. 

It is a bit of a struggle for me to feel old, but Andrea and everyone have been so sweet to me, making my weekend special and making me feel better. Looking forwards to the next chapter in my life and feeling blessed for all the wonderful people around me. Love you guys!

Flu shots

Paige has been freaked out for a while about getting flu shots and it's really been bothering her any time it's come up. Finally we decided to go and when we broke the news to her she was very upset as we expected. We all went as a family to the doctor's office and Paige pouted the entire time in the waiting room. When we were called back we decided to let Paige choose the order and of course she wanted to go last. Connor volunteered to go first and was super brave about it and said it didn't even hurt at all.

When it was Paige's turn she ran in to the corner and refused to budge. Andrea gave her a pep talk and calmed her down and then Paige agreed to go ahead with it in Andrea's lap. She sat still and was a big girl about it and admitted afterwards that it barely hurt at all. All of our arms ached for a few days, but we were all brave and got it done!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Connor's last U12 USTA match of the season

On Friday, November 1st 2019, Connor had what may be his final U12 USTA team tennis match of the season against Jacksonville Golf and Country Club. Connor's team's been together for a few years now and it's been fun to see them all develop and improve. Connor played line 1 singles and line 1 doubles on Friday and won them both. His singles match ended 4-1, 4-0 and his doubles match was 8-3. After the match, the boys all threw around the football in what may have been their favorite part of the match.

I put together a short video with a few highlights from the match.

Halloween 2019

Halloween this year fell on a Thursday, which wasn't the worst, but was a little odd in the middle of the week. After school, the kids didn't have any homework, so they got to relax a little while before trick-or-treating. Paige wanted to be a witch this year and we'd gotten her a cute orange and black costume a few weeks ago. Connor hadn't really wanted to get dressed up and we weren't even sure if he'd want to go trick-or-treating. On Thursday afternoon a few of his friends texted him to see if he was interested in going with them and he decided that sounded like fun. As he's done in previous years he threw on a football jersey and went as a football player.

At 6pm we drove the golf cart to his friend Cole's house and he hung out with his friends Namath, Cole, Charlie, Jackson and Ethan until it got dark and then they all went out together.

On the way back from dropping off Connor, we stopped at a neighbor's house that we've been getting to know better lately, and Paige went trick-or-treating with Anika, Natalie, Anika's brother Yosh, and with Casey and Keagan after we stopped at their house. The kids enjoyed jumping on and off the golf carts and we were surprised that it seemed like there were a lot more kids in the neighborhood this year. We mostly stuck to the houses near us and it was a nice chill evening.

After we got home around 9pm, Paige switched on our lights and she hoped to hand out some candy, but everyone had wrapped up by then. I picked up Connor a little while later and it turned out he'd traded all his candy for a gigantic pile of Snickers bars!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Anika's birthday party

On Sunday afternoon, Andrea and I took Paige to the Jacksonville Beach Humane Society to celebrate her neighbor Anika's 10th birthday. Shortly after we arrived, the kids lined up and got a tour of the facility and the dogs and cats that were available for adoption.

After the tour, the tour-guide brought a couple of dogs up to the party room to party with the kids.

The kids put on gloves and made dog treats out of pumpkin, oats, applesauce and greek yogurt.

It was a cute party, and a fun way to get to know some of our neighbors a little better.

Steak Out with the Fishman family

On Saturday morning, Andrea and I played in the Halloween tennis mixer at the club and in the afternoon we went to Amelia Island to eat at Steak Out with the Fishmans. When we arrived the kids threw bread to the turtles and fish. There was a humongous fish in the water that I don't remember seeing before.

After dinner the kids had some ice cream and then we walked over to the activities area and the kids played miniature golf. The girls played together and the boys split up and played together so it wouldn't take all night and for the most part everyone got along, although it did get a little competitive with the boys.

Paige at Bedtime

Last week we were getting ready for bed and Paige looked so colorful and cute. I decided to snap a few pics of her and she wanted to pose with her favorite blankie.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Spa day and pedicure for Andrea

To celebrate Andrea's completion of chemotherapy, some of her friends took her to lunch and got her some gift cards to the Spa at our beach club. On Saturday afternoon, Andrea went and got a pedicure for the first time since she had chemo.

Cookies and ice cream with Emily

On Saturday, a tropical storm blew through from the Gulf of Mexico and it rained all day long. We decided to invite Emily over for the day and Paige enjoyed eating lunch together and hanging out with her. In the afternoon it finally stopped raining and we went on a bike ride around the neighborhood. In the evening, we went to Insomnia for ice cream cookies, which were delicious.

Paige Tennis Match - Singles vs Ponte Vedra Champions

On Friday Paige played line one singles for her USTA team. She played a strong opponent who she goes to school with. Her opponent was a big hitter and really cracked some tough shots at Paige, but Paige was unfazed and hit the ball consistently and she won both sets 4-0, 4-0. There were some close games, but Paige played really well and it was fun to see everything that she's been learning come together successfully.

I took a couple of videos during the match and got one of their best points on video, although it was a point that Paige didn't win.

After the match, Abby's mother took the girls to see The Little Mermaid musical and Paige went along with them. She had a fun Friday night!