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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Christmas Eve celebration

On Christmas Eve we celebrated our family's Christmas a little early since Andrea's family was going to fly in on the 24th and be with us on Christmas morning. The night before, we got a lot of things together and wrapped some of the last presents for our family and our extended family. Andrea and Paige made cookie's for Santa and the kids wrote a note to Santa as well.

In the morning, Andrea led the kids in to the Family room to see what Santa brought them and they were both very happy with their Christmas gifts.

Connor's big gift for Christmas was his Nintendo Switch. He also got some new football shoes, Nintendo accessories, a pickleball paddle and a flying saucer toy.

Paige's big gift for Christmas was a new keyboard with a stand and chair as well as a pickleball paddle, tennis bag, and some other goodies. We also are starting her on piano lessons in 2020 and got her a subscription to a piano app that is pretty fun (similar to guitar hero).

We got Andrea a number of goodies including some Fruity Pebbles rice krispy treats, caramel popcorn, clothes, a hair drier and some shoes.

The big present and big surprise of the year was the painting of Chloe that Andrea had commissioned for us. It's our first Christmas without our Chloe since 2003, and we have been missing her so much. I've mentioned to Andrea that I miss having Chloe with me when I'm working from home. The painting was completed just in time for Christmas and Andrea measured a spot in my office for the painting, it's a perfect addition and it's so well done and such a thoughtful amazing gift.

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Richard said...

Love the surprises! Great gifts!