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Monday, November 12, 2012

Shawn's Pirate Birthday

Sunday was my birthday and we celebrated by going to St. Augustine for lunch and the Pirate Festival. Mom and Dad came along and treated us to a yummy lunch at Cruisers. The weather was beautiful and we walked around for a while and then went to the fairground for the festival. There were lots of little tents with exhibits and pirate merchandise. We spent most of our time on the big inflatable equipment and the park that was next door. The kids had an awesome time with everything.

The kids loved sliding down everything. Paige even tacked the super tall slide.

Both kids wanted to ride the "baby horses".

After all the Pirate fun we stopped by Hyppos for some popsicles! Grandpa and Grandma treated us again and we definitely enjoyed them. I don't much care for cake, but I do love frozen treats. We decided that this would be my "cake" for my birthday!

Sissy was a disgusting mess, she ate all of hers!

It was a great birthday! I am so thankful I could spend it with my family and that my Mom and Dad live so close and spent the day with me too. Love you all!!

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