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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, June 2, 2008

Connor turns 15 months old today

Connor visited his friends the Kendalls over the weekend. They just had two new babies recently, Reese and Teagan. Connor didn't much care about the babies, but had fun playing with Payton, the oldest of the Kendall kids.

Andrea held Reese, and Teagan slept through the whole visit.


Connor really loved Cali, their big dog. He really liked giving her hugs and we realized that he definitely needs a lot of supervision around animals. He gave her a really nice hug, and when I got out my camera he went to hug her again. I caught him being a little rough with her.

Those aren't gentle hands there Connor!

Connor looking like a mess and having fun pushing around the girl toys:

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alice v said...

he's such a social little guy - did he treat the girls with courtesy and respect (we know he he treated their girl dog), hahah