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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amanda and Ryan wed!

Amanda and Ryan got married this last weekend. It was a beautiful wedding, and Connor was honored with the responsibility of being the ring bearer. We were worried he was too young for it, but he was a good boy about wearing his tux and he practiced running up and down the aisle during the rehearsal at least a dozen times. At the wedding, he almost made it the whole way, but got distracted when everyone laughed. We were happy he was so brave, it's a long walk down with everyone watching!

Connor running down the aisle:

A video of Connor going down the aisle during the wedding:

Connor's tiny jacket:

Getting busy on the dance floor:

Holy cow, cousin Alli has some awesome dance moves:

Let's dance!

Family shot at the rehearsal:

Family shot right after the wedding:

Connor and the newlyweds the day after the wedding:

Congratulations Amanda and Ryan! Hooray!!

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