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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Disney - Magic Kingdom and Epcot with the Vernons

This past weekend, we went to Orlando to meet up with the Vernon family. It was the first time that we have all been together in a couple of years, so it was a special time for us all to catch up and have some fun too. Grandpa and Grandma helped out a lot to get us together and Andrea and I offered to pitch in on the house so we could stay at a nice resort and a good sized house. We stayed at the Encore Resort in Kissimmee and the house was new and had plenty of room for everyone together. We arrived a little early on Friday and were able to enjoy the waterpark before it closed. The water was a bit cool, but the water was heated and tolerable. I rode the slides with the kids and they were very fun and there was no line at all.

When everyone arrived, we ate dinner together outside at the resort.

After dinner, we went back to the house and watched some Olympics and played "basketball" with the stuffed animals. Connor and Grandma played a competitive game of horse.

On Saturday, we all got up and went to the Magic Kingdom. It was a warm day, a little more crowded than we've been used to, but not too bad. We started the day off at the Snow White ride with Grandma Alice before the lines got long, then we met up with everyone to use our first fast pass at Space Mountain. We rode all the rides we could throughout the day, and it was fun to ride with everyone and experience the park with family. Max was too little for some rides, but he was with us and did a good job chilling out and waiting with everyone.

For lunch, Grandpa and Grandma took everyone to the Liberty Tree restaurant and we all loved it. Lots of good food and I'm glad we had reservations and were able to relax for a bit.

As it got a little later, Andrea drove back to the house with Grandma Alice, Abby, and Max. The rest of us stayed on as it got dark, and we got a few more rides in and saw the fireworks.

On Sunday, we all went to Epcot in the morning. We got there a little before everyone else with Grandma Alice, so we rode the Test Track ride twice before the line got long. We were actually able to run right through and jump on without waiting at all.

It was a pretty crazy day at Epcot since the half marathon was that morning. It was neat to see all the runners going through the park all dressed in their colorful Disney gear, but it was definitely busy. We got in a little before the park was supposed to open, and they opened a few of the rides early. After the Test Track we ran to the Frozen ride and were super disappointed to find that it was closed for technical problems. We opted to be a little risky with our time and wait in the unofficial line for it to open back up. The line kept shrinking as people gave up and we soon found ourselves at the front. We were about to give up at 10am, but Andrea asked one of the workers if it was opening soon and he hinted that it might be. Unfortunately, Connor and Paige had taken that opportunity to use the restroom and just as we were allowed in to the ride they thankfully returned just in time. We were the first on the ride, and we are glad we hadn't wasted our morning waiting for nothing.

We met up with everyone for our first fast pass at the Nemo ride and then checked out the aquarium.

We went to the Land for lunch and then used our second Fastpass at Soarin and then rode the Imagination ride.

Afterwards, we watched the Pixar movie shorts and then it was time for Andrea and Connor to head home. Connor had missed a bit of school lately, so we didn't want him to miss Monday. Before they left, we got a group picture together.

In the afternoon, we started our journey through the country section of the park. We went Counterclockwise starting with Canada. We stopped at the French section to enjoy some French cuisine. Paige loves quiche, so it was a great opportunity for her to have some.

In Japan we weren't very hungry, but we really wanted to try the Ramen, so Paige and I shared a bowl.

Paige and Max liked the little train set, and we spent some time checking out all the different trains.

Paige and I left before the fireworks with Grandma Alice, and we were pretty worn out from all the walking. Paige really loved Epcot though and can't wait to go back.

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Richard said...

We loved it too. Let us know when you're ready to go back. It's fun with you all.