Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mommy and Daddy's first parent teacher conference

After Connor's Halloween party, Mommy and Daddy came back to school for their first parent teacher conference. Ms. Cindy had all good things to say about Connor. She thought he was doing great and although he doesn't play with the other kids, he plays alongside them and is friends with everyone. He is always a good listener and even though he is one of the younger kids in the class, he keeps up with everyone.

Ms. Cindy showed us a lot of assessments, pictures Connor had worked on and his cutting and writing work. She really seemed to like having our little man in her class. We knew he'd be a good boy in school and brought up the fact that her first impression of him must have been not so good. When we first went to meet Ms. Cindy and see the classroom, Connor had thrown a huge fit and was not on his best behavior. Ms. Cindy said that only on Connor's very first day did he ever have any trouble at school. Apparently he hadn't been ready to come in from recess and had cried. Other than that, Ms. Cindy had never had any issues with Connor and he's been adjusting very well to school.

It was great to hear everything from Ms. Cindy. We'd known Connor was doing pretty well at school since Ms. Cindy always marks that Connor had a "great day" on his paperwork he brings home. Unfortunately that's all we've really known. Connor NEVER tells us anything about school when he gets home. We ask him every day and he's never told us a thing, so it was neat to see everything he's been working on and to hear that he's been doing so well.

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