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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Andrea finishes her JCP season undefeated (17-0) and her team wins first place!

Andrea's last game of the season with her C2 JCP team was today and she won her final game. There were 18 matches, and she only missed one for Alex's wedding. She ended up with a perfect 17-0 record, which is especially impressive because she was playing high (harder) lines and opponents since the first game of the season.

Andrea's bonded with a lot of her teammates and has enjoyed her time learning tennis and playing in all the matches. It's been stressful for her at times, especially as she got down to the final few games and really wanted to stay undefeated. I was very happy for her that she won on line one 6-2 and 6-3 at the final match.

In the pic at the last game from left to right are Coach Jeff, Diana, Tina T, Kacie, Dana, Michelle, Andrea, Stephanie, Tracy, Melinda, Melissa, Laurie. Elisa wasn't pictured.

Congrats to the team and to Andrea! Great job!

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