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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Alli's high school graduation - KC

Last weekend, we went to KC to celebrate Allison's high school graduation. On Saturday afternoon we all went over to the Rudolph house for Alli's graduation party. She had quite a turnout and the weather was great and everyone was able to hang out outside. It was a nice opportunity to see lots of family and to catch up with everyone.

On Sunday we went downtown to watch Alli's graduation ceremony.

The audio was better than last year at Drew's graduation so we were actually able to hear what was being said. The ceremony wasn't too long, especially considering how many graduates there were to go through. 

While everyone was dressed so nice for graduation we snapped a few pictures outside downtown. When we got back to Grandma's house we looked for a nice shot to setup the tripod to get a big family photo together. Paige was good about helping me find a nice spot with good lighting.

We did it! Even Griffin cooperated and looked at the camera.

After taking pics we went to Outback to celebrate.

The rest of the weekend we spent hanging out with family. Andrea and I had to go to the jewelry store to get her watch fixed, Andrea's friend Colleen came by for a chat, we went swimming, played basketball, played foosball, and took lots of walks in the nice cool weather.

We had a couple of tornadoes come through, some of them quite large. The kids were over at Amanda's during one storm and Amanda took a picture of them in the basement, wearing helmets for extra safety.

Of course, we also at at McAllister's Deli a few times while we were in town.

Congrats Alli, we're proud of you!

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